baby bathing and helpful hints

Consider some practical and valuable advices as for bathing babies. Learn more what you should and what you shouldn’t do to make the process of bathing safe and pleasant.
baby bathing and helpful hints

baby_bathing8. Do not overdo with the use of shampoo and soap. It is important to use soap and shampoo, designed for infants. In some cases it is better not to use neither one nor the other. Besides, never wash a baby’s face with soap - it is enough to wash it simply with warm water.
9. It would be better to bathe a baby with a partner, relative or friend. This makes it more secure  and helps expediting the process of bathing.
10. Remember, newborn babies should be bathed about once every three days. So, there is no need to bath your baby too often.

Helpful Hints for Baby Washing
- First wash the baby's eye area with a clean cloth, then the rest of the face. Don't put soap on the baby's face.
- Keep most of the baby's body in the water so she won’t become chilled.
- Wear a waterproof apron to protect your clothes and drape a towel across your lap.
- Babies are slippery when wet. That’s why you should hold on to your baby with one hand and wash with the other.
- Shampoo hair while your baby is wrapped in a towel for warmth.
- Dry the baby well, especially between the folds of skin.
- Your baby will relax with a bath before the day's last feeding.
- Avoid using baby powder. Use petroleum jelly on dry skin areas.

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