Baby Crying

Familiarize yourself with the most common reasons for baby crying. Get to know what crying means and what you should do to soothe your child as soon as possible.
Baby Crying
baby_cryingThe only way that babies can attract the express attention of their parents and let them know that they need something is crying. The art of interpreting their moans and wails and figure out why the baby is crying depends on the skills of parents.

The most common reason for crying babies is hunger. Feeding the babies may soothe them almost instantly. If a baby is wailing just after the feed, he may indeed be asking you to help him pass the wind. You should hold him in the upright position against your shoulder for the purpose.

Babies may cry if they are feeling too hot or too cold. In this case, use an appropriate blanket and monitor the room temperature according to the baby's needs. With the help of cry babies try to attract your attention after wetting their nappies for a diaper change. So, do not delay it long for it may cause nappy rash.

If the babies are very tired, they might cry themselves to sleep. In such cases, massaging them can help them soothe too. They are usually their happy self after the restful nap. Some mischievous naughty infant may just feel neglected, if you leave them alone for long and cry to be held. You should carry them in a sling or baby carrier so that you can move about with your baby and yet get the work done.

Some babies do not like to come out of womb and cry continually because of new experiences, noises, lights and stimulations. They can also cry in frustration because of things they are physically still not capable to do. Such crankiness of babies usually disappears with age, development and maturity. Very high-pitched tones or anxious crying may mean that your baby is really ill and needs professional medical help. Immediately go and see the doctor.

If the crying baby is getting on your nerves, you may need to vent out your feeling by punching a pillow, have a warm bath, talk to someone who would listen patiently to you, ask somebody to take care for the baby for a few hours.