Discovering the World

Get to know how your baby gets acquainted with this world, when and how his or her senses develop.
Discovering the World

By the time of his arrival your baby’s ear is completely developed already! This sense is the most wonderful as your little one is able to distinguish your voice in an hour after his arrival. He can remember stories, you told or music, you used to listen during your pregnancy period. By the time of his arrival, your baby is able to perceive different timbres, volumes, and intonations of voices. After his birth, a little child hears many sounds, strange to him, which had been muffled by the amniotic fluid, and now they sound in quite a different way. And be sure, that your baby distinguished your voice from the very moment of his arrival, and it helped him to feel secure and peacefully

Here are some games, which will help to stimulate your baby’s ear development. Having bought a new rattle, shake it behind and from different sides of your little one, making him to turn his head looking for the source of a sound. Watch after the baby’s reaction, while talking to him from different parts of the room; you should also communicate with a little child, changing the volume of your voice. Don’t forget the sounds, your baby learnt, being inside of you. While calming him down, turn on the music, you had been listening during your pregnancy period. Make your baby surrounded with different interesting sounds: sing him songs or read something aloud.

Yet being in his mother’s womb, your baby was training his tactile sensetiveness: he could get his binger into his mouth, or “hold” the umbilical cord with his hand. But his first “real” touches a baby experiences during the delivery process. Right after his arrival all the tactile senses begin to “awake” rapidly. Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, it reacts the least temperature changes and any almost unnoticeable touches. Now your baby realizes that he is able to sense something, when you take him, stroke, or hug him. Besides, these senses may provide him protection and sureness. It’s an amazing fact, that every inch of a newborn baby contains about 6 millions cells!

At the very beginning, it is extremely difficult for a newborn baby to control his own movements, he can not understand, these fists belong him. That is why all necessary information from any subject a baby receives by touching them with his mouth. By sucking a toy your baby tries to estimate its size, taste, shape. Surround you little child with different toys, and watch them to stay clean. Put these toys at different distances from the baby and let him try to take it and hold it in his little hands.

When you little baby was inside of you, his mouth was filled with the amniotic fluid. But during last months of your pregnancy, he could feel changes in its taste, depending on what you ate of drank. During the breast feeding your baby is able to “recognize” tastes, which he knows well, because if you had been consuming some definite products. Luring your pregnancy, the so-called “taste memory” may get formed and your little child will be able to define and distinguish the smack of your milk while breast feeding.
If you add some water into your baby’ ration, he may refuse drinking it only because it will not seem tasty to him. He will be turning his head left and right, crying and yelling trying to show his displeasure.
But in general a baby shows vivid interest for any new taste, even if firstly it does not seem delicious to him – and in such a way his own likings develop.

By the time of your baby’s arrival his smell is quite developed already. It helps your little one to distinguish things, which he is not able to see well enough yet. And this is an amazing fact, as your child being in your uterus had no possibility for his smell development to such an extent.

As soon as a baby arrives, he starts learning to distinguish smells of each of his parents. His mother’s unique and such a well-known smell will help your little baby to feel safe and secure in a new surrounding.
During first several weeks of your child’s life it is good to press him to your breast so, that his little head would rest on your shoulder. Your smell will influence him and make him feel safe until he has not got used to all new expressions, surrounding him. The smell development plays the major part while you are weaning him. Some parents notice, that long before their baby begins to consume usual food, he turns his little head in the direction of unknown and pleasant smells for him, including smells of dishes, prepared in the kitchen.

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