Discovering the World

Get to know how your baby gets acquainted with this world, when and how his or her senses develop.
Discovering the World

You and your baby had been being one whole during nine long months. Now both of you will have to make quite new discoveries for yourselves. You will learn how to play the role of a mom in the best way and your little newborn child-how to get acquainted with the whole new world. Your and your baby’s adventures will begin from the very moment of your taking him into your arms and saying “hello, dear” to him. During first several months of his life your baby’s eyesight is not completely developed yet, that is why he is able to distinguish his mother’s voice, smell and touches especially well.

Five Senses of Your Baby
 When your baby opened his eyes for the first time, he saw the world, new and yet quite unknown for him. What does the little newborn baby feel, while beginning his new life? How does he accept the world around him? Try to look at this would with your baby’s eyes and help him to develop correctly.

A newborn baby is able to see the world around him right after he was delivered. But his look is somewhat roving yet and he can not focus his eyes on something; his pupils move uncoordinatedly, and he may even seem to be squint-eyed sometimes. The ability of your baby to see is the sense, which is the last to develop completely. This can be explained by a complete darkness all nine months long, which a child spends in his mother’s uterus. A baby can fix his eyes on a subject, which is of contrast and bright colours and it should be no further than 25 cm away from your little one. Watching after you baby, you will also notice, that black and white colours draw his attention as well. He can distinguish yellow and red colours as well, but blue and green make one and the same colours for him yet. Your little child would also prefer things with even edges, direct lines, distinct and clear outlines.

You will also pay attention that your baby’s favourite activity is to watch after the members of your family’s faces. He can recognize you by your faces outline, later he remembers you by your features (head outline, hair, etc.) without paying attention at the details and at the features of your face.
 When your baby is two months old, he is able to fix his eyes on faces and he begins to recognize his mom and dad by their eyes nose and lips outlines. A little child learns to distinguish emotions gradually by this time, he can understand when his parents are sad, or glad, or angry.

Beginning with the 6th month of his life, a baby learns to look like an adult person. He can follow different objects with his eyes, sees the subjects at a distance. At the age of twelve months baby’s eyesight is almost like the eyesight of an adult person.

You should train your baby’s eye muscles in order his eyesight became more perfect. Show him bright, interesting toys; teach him to follow them with his eyes by moving them closer and further from his eyes.
If you bought a new toy for your baby, show it to him and try to remove it in such a way that he would constantly be able to see it.
At first your little child will be making uncontrolled movements with his arms and legs. After a short while he will get used to it and will follow the toy with his eyes. You should show him different toys from time to time, and this will help your little one to learn to distinguish different forms and colours sooner.

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