The First Year of Your Baby’s Life

Here you will learn about every month of a baby’s life until he or she is one year old. His physical development, achievements and some problems, which arise at some definite periods and the ways of their solution, are described below.

newborn_developmentThe first year of the baby's life is very important and difficult time for both parents and their child. You open a new world of joy and responsibility. Now you must take care about a new member of your family. He or she is so helpless at the beginning and takes almost all your time. But day after day your baby grows and changes physically and intellectually.

Consider information below to know how your baby should develop in norm, what knowledge and skills he or she can obtain every month.
The First Month
The Seventh Month
The Second Month
The Eighth Month
The Third Month
The Ninth Month
The Fourth Month
The Tenth Month
The Fifth Month
The Eleventh Month
The Sixth Month
The Twelfth Month