The Eighth Month

Learn more about the eighth month of your baby's life, his or her physical development and achievements. Get to know how to take care about your little one in this period.
The Eighth Month

This period of your baby’s life is considered to be the period of being extremely interested in everything. Chickens, puppies, kittens reveal this phenomenon at a definite stage of their development. But a human being differs from other animals by his ability to summarize all the experience, received before, although from another hand some definite instincts, given by nature do play their role in babies’ development.
Physical Development
Your baby gains about 0, 8 – 0, 9 pounds, and he becomes about half an inch longer. As you see, his growth tempos become slower and slower with every coming month. But remember, your son or daughter is a specific creature, with his or her individual rules of development and growth. If a baby got sick last month, if he even had a usual virous infection, this may slow his months growth and weight gaining down. Don’t get worried, as your baby’s body mass will correspond to the standards eventually on condition if he receives good nourishment and care. 

Moving Activity
Most part of the day your baby will hang about the house looking for something new and interesting for him. It is a pity that he does not possess such a gift to realize any danger of our mother nature. So, your family motto during this stage of this little creature development should become: “our baby investigates and we provide his protection”. For this you ought to examine your house as for the below given points.
- Have you taken away all sharp objects, from your little one’s way which a baby may get prickled or cut with? - Is not there any medicine, chemical on the floor or in a low night table, which your baby can find?
- Are all of your outlets protected with special covers?
- Is your hot iron in a safe place after you have ironed your clothes?
- Have you protected your staircase from your baby’s extra curiosity?
- Have you put all things, which you care about (your favourite pictures, perfumes, jewels, etc) in a safe place?
- Is not these any hard or heavy object on the floor which may hurt your baby? 

Babies at this period of their life are able to crawl back and forth in every room investigating it applying all possible methods. Everything, they can fetch is moved, opened, shaken, tasted, sucked or thrown. And you dare not to disturb him during this most interesting activity, as you may your baby’s anger. But if you did disturb your baby, and after this he comes back to his activity, your little one’s mood will change for the better in no time. 

You should only imagine how much energy your baby wastes every day! One day you may try to imitate all children’s crawling and movements by playing with him. You will get exhausted after 3 - 4 hours of these games. And your baby, having turned back to look at you, will continue in his previous tempo till the end of the day. That is why you should never judge him by yourself: “He must have got tired already. I would like to lie down and have a rest for a little while”. You are not a baby. And do not insist on his having a rest! And you may only be sympathized with, because by the end of the day you will look like zombie. It is the very time for your baby’s father to help you. He should not get too much involved with his business, if he has a baby of the age of eight month. Help your dear wife! Your and your family’s peace and calmness will finally depend on it. You may temporary fulfill some of everyday duties, like shopping, washing, ironing, etc. And spending your weekends with the baby you will not only get pleasure but begin to respect your wife’s housework. 

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