The Fifth Month

Learn more about the fifth month of your baby's life, his or her physical development and achievements. Get to know how to take care about your little one in this period.
The Fifth Month
Now is the time, when life makes little babies move, exploring the world around them and their own personality, as they get much interesting in everything. All things, which appear on your baby’s way, would come into his mouth right away! And he seems never to be tired or lazy! You should be proud of your stubborn and persistent child.

Physical Development
During this month your baby will gain less weight, than he did before and he will become only about 1, 5 pounds heavier (0, 3 pounds per week). By this time your little one is to become two times two times heavier than he was at the moment of his arrival. But in case if you delivered a “giant”, his weight may get doubled somewhere later; and if your baby arrived with his weight being less than normal, (about 7 pounds), it may happen by the fourth month already.

During the period from the moment of his arrival up to the age of five months a baby becomes approximately 5 – 6 inches longer. But he will grow slower and slower with every coming month. You should keep in your mind, that all the above mentioned indexes are only approximate and medium digits, as every baby has his own program of growth and development; and it is up to his doctor to interpret if your little one gains enough pounds and inches considering all his peculiarities.

Moving Activity
At this period all parts of baby’s body become extremely lithe. Once you may enter your little one’s room and find him making an “airplane” exercise. Lying on their belly babies raise their heads and legs, stretch their arms and bring them to the sides. While making this exercise baby’s back becomes somewhat strained and straight or curved in the middle. If your baby makes such an exercise, you should know that it is a perfect training of all his heck and back muscles.

Seeing a baby taking his toes into his mouth easily and with great pleasure will also become a usual phenomenon for any mother of a child at the age of five months. It is extremely interesting and easy for him to fulfill!

In a position on his back your little baby makes another exercise – a “bridge”. Holding his back and feet against some support, a baby raises his body as if bending in an ark – like position. You should not get worried about him – he makes his own gymnastics, all you may do in this situation is to praise him for any new position and exercise.

Now babies are able to turn from their back into their belly and vice versa easier and more quickly. That is why dressing your little one, on a bed or another flat surface, you should try to put him perpendicular to the edge, so that he would not fall down when you turn away to fetch something. This is the very age, when babies get hurt from falling most often.

Moving along some flat surface, like desk, bed, sofa, or floor becomes more and more perfect. You should also keep it in mind and do not leave your baby alone at a dangerous (from the point of view of falling) place. Look at your little son or daughter overcoming one inch after another, working with these tiny arms, hands, knees and feet. And now your little baby manages to move much better than he did a month ago.

If you propose your little son or daughter some vivid toy, a baby would take it with all his fingers with great pleasure and holds it tightly. If this toy is a rattle, its sound will provoke much of interest. Your little one after having get acquainted with the toy he received from you looks at it attentively and after a little while he would send it to his mouth of no doubt. To not keep him from doing it, if the toy does not contain any sharp edges, of course. This is how the world exploring process occurs. When your baby becomes five months old, his favourite activity would be sucking everything, which stands on his way in order to get to know more and more about different subjects in this interesting and exciting world.

Your baby’s life is extremely full of all kinds of events at this period. Most of the time, when he is active, (periods when a baby does not sleep) is dedicated to producing of new moving skills, “talks” on his own language, of course, listening to all kinds of sounds around him, and investigating of everything, what comes to his eyes, ears, hear, or hands. At 7 o’clock in the morning (or even earlier) your little child is ready to get busy with something, even if you have a great wish to sleep just a little bit more time. So, it would be better for you, if you put in the baby’s bed one or two vivid toys or rattles in the evening after he falls asleep. Then you will have a possibility to sleep more in the morning because you will find your baby playing with these toys by the time you awake.

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