The Ninth Month

Learn more about the ninth month of your baby's life, his or her physical development and achievements. Get to know how to take care about your little one in this period.
The Ninth Month
During last quarter of your baby’s first year of life a child turns from a helpless baby into a stubborn independent person, who can and wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. And how much energy he has! There is not a single moment your baby would spend in a lying and relaxed position. He is constantly in movements: plays in a sitting position, or crawls around all possible objects, or turns out all the shelves of the wardrobe, investigating their contents, showing great interest to all kinds of sparkling things. But do not forget about danger in all the above mentioned manipulations.

Physical Development
During the ninth month of your baby’s life he usually becomes about one pound heavier. He is to weight 20 – 21 pound on condition that he arrived with his body mass 7 – 7, 5 pounds. If this index is higher than the one, mentioned above, your baby may probably suffer from an excessive weight. Your relatives and friends may be glad to have such a plump creature, but modern medicine will disappoint you unfortunately. Having an excessive body mass may lead to the immunity lowering, endocrine system’s diseases development and metabolic processes’ violation. Babies, whose weight is more than normal have different infections of digestive, respiratory systems, pneumonia more often and these diseases last longer; these babies also suffer from constipation, sweating, anemia, rachitis. So, you should think about the possible consequences and ask your doctor’s advice about the ways to correct your child’s diet in order to avoid any complication. The reasons of the excessive body mass appearing may be the following: too much of carbohydrates in the food a little baby receives (early introduction of “white” porridges, mashed potato, sweet juice) and lack of cheese, meat, egg – yolks in your baby’s ration.

Moving Activity
Your little one’s favourite activity becomes cruising around your table, arm chair or any round piece of furniture, which may be crawled around dozens of times. Do not get surprised! There are bunches of activities you repeat many times before you find the correct version. During these kinds of “traveling” your baby investigates his surrounding: why the wardrobe ends here, and not somewhere else, why you appear at the same place from time to time, etc. all these explorations become a fascinating game for a baby.

Another favourite game of your little son or daughter is “A Very – Very Tall”. Babies love to answer someone’s question “How Tall Is John?” by raising his little hands. And how much fun is to play the “Hide and Seek” game! Your baby would stand behind an arm – chair, a coach, or a door and wait for you to ask “Where Is My Little Mary?” After that he comes out of his hiding place with loud laugh. Baby at the age of nine months can sit well already; he is able to lie down or to sit from a lying position without any assistance. If there is any support, your baby will stand up on his feet. But it is difficult to stand without your help for him yet, and as soon as he releases his support, a baby falls down. Sometimes you may see your little one standing firmly on his feet, holding the support with both hands and crying. You may have no idea about what happened to your baby. The point is that a little one can stand up, but he does not know how to sit down yet. If you help him, a little creature would calm down right away and it will be smiling again in no time.

Think of Your Baby’s Safety
With every coming month you are to keep thinking about your baby’s safety, as the amount of his skills increases along with the risk of danger.
Let us talk about your kitchen. It is the very time for a baby to get to know what the word “HOT” means. Get your baby’s hand closer to the fire in order he would feel how and your little one will pull it away. And then get your own hand to the fire and repeat this action several times. Say: “It is hot”, and pull your hand away from the fire. Thus you will favour the “hot” reflex development. You are to keep all your actions under control; do not manipulate with hot water close to your baby, put the boiling pots further on the kitchen stove. Remember, your child’s interest is unable to be foreseen and it has no bounds, so, it is extremely dangerous for him. Hide away from your baby all poisoned chemicals you use: dishwashing solution, washing powder, shampoo, creams, vinegar, etc. All of them are potentially dangerous for a little child.
 Another kind of danger is represented by small objects. Keep beans, buttons and other tiny things away from your baby of eight months reach. And before you buy any new toy, read carefully or ask the shop – assistant the age it is meant for; you should find out as well if the toy consist no small particles, which may get into your little one’s nose, throat, ear. Provide your baby’s safety in all of the rooms of your house or apartment. Check if there are no uncovered outlets, sharp, heavy or glass objects, which may injure your little baby. if you arranged only one “safe” room in the house, think about the gates, which would become a kind of boundary between this room and the “zone of danger”.

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