The Second Month

Learn more about the second month of your baby's life, his or her physical development and achievements. Get to know how to take care about your little one in this period.
The Second Month
Second month of a baby’s life is a kind of a previous, full of troubles period. Your little one has already adapted to the surroundings and has occupied his position in your family, having revealed first features of his temperament. You have got used to your new extremely busy timetable, and you get surprised how you manage to cope with everything during 24 hours. And your baby sleeps less and less time, and he wants you to be with him constantly. Now it becomes difficult for you to say if your little one is lazy or active during feeding. Some parents consider that their children are able to let them know about their needs and pleasures and that their tastes are already being formed.

Physical Development
During his second month of life a baby gains about 1, 5 pounds. But it may vary in the limits of 3, 5 – 7 ounces. You should remember that the most important is your baby’s health. He becomes about one inch longer.

Moving Activity
Baby’s nervous system keeps developing – his movements and reflexes change. His newborn unconditioned reflexes vanish and conditioned reflexes, connected with feeding and micro surrounding appear instead of them. Baby’s movements become more coordinated, but they still seem to be aimless. But it is not so! Nature trains all the muscles of his body in order to perform all necessary functions in the future.

There is a tendency in the position of a baby to keep his legs and arms bended. But with every coming day your little one stretches his legs and arms and unclenches his fists for a short while, but he does it more and more often. By the end of the second month his palms become completely open.

Baby’s head is as “hard” as it was before, and he is not able to raise it lying on his belly, but he can partly control his neck muscles already and he does raise his hand for a very short period of time. By the end of the second month your baby is to keep his head raised for 15 – 20 seconds. And you may help him to do it: lay him on his belly before every feeding, beginning from a couple of minutes and after a while up to 10 – 15 minutes. This “exercise” will also help him to avoid belching, as your baby trains his stomach muscles, lying in this position.

Most babies of this age are crazy about bathing. And now it is time for you to put the water resistant suit on before this procedure. But you will see how happy your baby becomes splashing the water around him. He kicks his legs and arms, splashes the water with his palms, producing real fountains of sprays.

At this period first danger – falling of your baby arises. His new reflexive moving activity may become a reason of trauma. And you should not contend that your baby is not able to move yet, this is the assurance of parents that most often leads to traumatic results.

But if it happened, you should not reproach yourself with the feeling of guilty. Every baby does fall, at least one time in his life. But you should show your child to a doctor obligatory, to avoid some dangerous complications. And you are not to delay with the visit to a doctor, do it not later than during a day.

 As soon as you feel that because of constant not getting enough sleep turns you into a “zombie”, as you baby, as if feeling sorry for you, becomes to sleep about 7 hours at night, until… some problems with his digestion occur. These problems are connected with the undeveloped functions of his digestive system and it is accompanied by the so – called “colic”.

Some babies like to mix day and night in their regime. They choose the day time for their long sleep, and they are active during night. The best way out of this situation is to wake your baby up every four – five hours during a day.  

Very often during the second month of a baby’s life some deformations of your child’s head may occur. It is connected with the same lying position in his bed. You should try to change your baby position from periodically. It will be good for your little one if you change the position of his bed from time to time. Turn it around, as your baby watches the space you propose him, let his life become more interesting.

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