The Seventh Month

Learn more about the seventh month of your baby's life, his or her physical development and achievements. Get to know how to take care about your little one in this period.
The Seventh Month

“This world is quite peaceful, everything is interesting in it with my best MOM” – this is how your baby’s motto may be expressed during this period of his life. You should try to play according to his rules and help you little son or daughter ho accept everything new together with you, wherever you are and in all possible situations.

The second half of your baby’s first year of life has begun. And of course, you do care about every next step in his development as a personality. What kind of a person will your little one become, would he be tender, lazy, persistent, hard-working, stubborn, or merry? Most likely all these qualities will be included in his character, and depending on his mood, goal, situation your child will reveal them. Remember, your little one is a real person with his own problems and troubles, just like you are, but these problems of him are, so small and funny, just like he is (like how to get that sparkling beads, which are on the table so far from him, or taste a big ball, which would not get into the mouth somehow). So, you should constantly try to look with your baby’s eyes at something that has changed his mood and do not make any rapid conclusions so far. 

Physical Development
One of the peculiarities of your baby’s physical development during this month becomes adding about one pound to his body mass. Now it is approximately 17 – 18 pounds if he arrived at his natural term with his body mass being about 7 pounds. Babies, who arrived before their natural term have somewhat different weight gaining rates. Your child’s length will become about one inch bigger and by the end of the seventh month he will be about 25, 5 – 30 inches long; the volume of his head will become 0, 2 inches bigger – and it will be about 17 inches; your baby’s chest volume will become 0, 5 inches bidder, and it will approximately be 17, 5 – 18 inches by the end of this month. You may use a very easy satiety index to estimate your baby’s physical development at this period of his life. It will characterize your child’s hypodermic – adipose layer’s degree of development. To do it you should add three shoulder volumes (it should be measured in the middle third of a shoulder), and his shank volume (measure it in the fattest area); and his hip volume (it is measured in the upper part of a hip) and from the sun you receive, you should subtract your baby’s length. If you receive a figure between 8 – 10 inches, your baby is “normal”. Lower index means that your child does not receive enough food. 

Moving Activity
During the seventh month of your baby’s life he will become more mobile. His sitting skill gets more and more perfect. Your little one is able to sit with his straight back, resting on his stretched arms from time to time. He may fall trying to remove his “support” to fetch something interesting. That is why you should not leave him alone on the sofa or any other height. 

During this year appears your baby’s crawling skill; it may get more perfect, if he tried to crawl last month. These are whole bunches of babies’ “crawling methods”. All of them may be gathered into the whole book of “instructions”. But every baby has his own way of exploring of this world. Some babies first learn to stand on their knees and hands and they would rock back and forth for a long while; others risk to move one hand forth, and then another, then do the same with their legs. There are also babies, who crawl in a “ball’s way”, or in a “lobster’s way” – they move backwards. Your little one will learn to crawl by himself, because no matter how lazy he is, interest and new expressions win. Your task is to find something which will for sure draw your little son’s or daughter’s attention stimulates his or her moving skill. Watch your baby to avoid any sharp edge around him and the floor is to be softly covered, as your little one, having fallen once, may leave his attempts to crawl for a long while, sometimes even until he is able to stand.

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