The Third Month

Learn more about the third month of your baby's life, his or her physical development and achievements. Get to know how to take care about your little one in this period.
The Third Month

One day you will come into your baby’s room and you will be rewarded with the best present in your life – with a frank baby’s smile, which is radiated by all his little body. You will understand that this tiny creature loves your appearance, your voice, the warmth of your body. And you see that this exhausting everyday work (washing, cooking, cleaning, bathing, sleepless nights) is not done for nothing. Your baby gradually overcomes new and new stages in his development. It was quite recently that you were afraid of not being able to cope with your baby by yourself. And now you understand all baby’s wishes and you follow his changes with great impression.

Physical Development
The third month of your baby’s life is characterized by the further all round development. At the end of this month he becomes about 1,5 pound heavier and one inch longer comparing to the previous month. The volume of his head and chest become 0,4 inches more. Now the volume of your baby’s head is to become equal with the volume of his chest. But if his head grows too rapidly and if it is much bigger in volume than his chest, you should consult with the doctor in order not to skip any brain disease.

Your baby’s sinciput is opened yet (it is not covered with any bone tissue), but it lessens (comparing to the previous month). It is mild, not tensed and it does not pulsate. You should not be afraid of touching it, and do not avoid it, while taking care after your litter one. It is just as all other parts of his body, and it should be kept clean.
Reflexive Activity
Your baby can express his needs and likes vividly already. The unification of his impressions from the surrounding and of his own character produces the appearance of an individuality in your family. Smile becomes the main mean of the expressions of pleasure from communication, rest, food or active game. Your baby looks at different people’s faces with pleasure, especially he likes the area from someone’s nose to his forehead. Lying on his belly and holding his hands in front of him, your little child tries to raise his chest. If you hold him vertically, his feet would stand against the surface and your baby as if tries to push his legs from it.

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