Learn how to care about your baby soon after delivery, what problems may arise and how to solve them. Investigate peculiarities of all newborn systems.
The newborn baby gets into completely different surrounding. His organism begins to adapt to the new conditions of his life and this adaptation process takes about 4 weeks (if a baby is healthy). During this period the baby’s organism is extremely fragile, and he needs special care to be provided.
Bone and Muscle Systems
Get to know how the bone and muscle systems develop week by week, when to wait for teeth appearance.
Digestive System
Baby's digestive system has to cope with more difficult task than the adult's one. Here you may find explanation of process in baby's digestive system.
Immune and Endocrine System
Get to know how the baby protects himself with the help of immune system. Investigate peculiarities of endocrine system development.
Nervous System
Consider peculiarities of your baby nervous system, how and when he or she begins to react to environment.
Newborn Baby Care Tips
Read this article and get to know more some advices about newborn baby’s sleep, exercises, feeding and bathing.
Newborn Development
Investigate main stages of the development of a newborn and their names. Get to know about the time of the beginning and the end of each of these stages. Look through information and characteristics of every period of baby’s life.
Newborn Physiology
Learn more about peculiarities of newborn metabolism and rachitis, check out facts about heat exchange and body temperature, investigate endocrine system.
Peculiar Conditions of Newborn Babies
There are some peculiar (transitional) conditions of a newborn baby which are considered to be on verge of physiological and pathological processes. Check them out and get to know to treat these conditions.
Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
These two systems supply all internals with so necessary oxygen. Don't afraid of frequent breathing and rapid pulse. It's normal.
Skin and Hypodermic Tissue
Investigate peculiarities of your baby skin, what occurrences are normal for newborns, learn how to take care about the child.
Urination System
Get to know how the kidneys work, check out signs of healthy urination system.