Newborn Baby Care Tips

Read this article and get to know more some advices about newborn baby’s sleep, exercises, feeding and bathing.
Newborn Baby Care Tips

Giving birth is as the beginning of a new era in a mother’s life. Also it is a beautiful experience. And of course first-time mothers need a bit of advice regarding the proper care of their newborn baby.


As usual newborn babies sleep sixteen hours in a day. They sleep in blocks of time of about two hours at a time. Baby will begin to sleep for longer periods by the age of three months or so. You should to allow your newborn to sleep when he or she want to sleep.


For newborn baby some “baby exercises” can be very useful. Doing such type of exercises you gently massaging the baby’s muscles.  Exercises help the development muscle coordination and control. Moreover they can assist in developing muscle strength. One very simple exercise it is to lay your baby on his back and simply his limbs gently. Also you can bend his legs at the knees or gently bend his arms at the elbows. These provide a great bonding experience for you and the benefits to the baby’s muscular development.


It is very important to give your baby the proper diet during the first few months of his life. Newborn babies can either be breast fed or fed a baby formula from a bottle. Newborn baby should be fed every few hours throughout the day. If you baby start crying or being fussy it may mean that your baby wants to eat.

Newborn babies should not be bathed every day because it can dry their tender skin. Be sure to clean the creases in the baby's skin and the diaper area well. Do not forget to keep your baby wrapped in a soft towel. Moreover, clean one part of the baby's body at a time so that the baby does not get chilled.

Caring for your newborn should be a pleasure. Do not hesitate to ask other mothers for advice. An experienced mother is a great resource for new parents. Also, if you are a new mother and could use some tips of how to care for your new child there is much information through your family doctor.