Nervous System

Consider peculiarities of your baby nervous system, how and when he or she begins to react to environment.
Nervous System
Newborn baby’s nervous system is quite immature. Most part of the day he spends sleeping, and he only awakes because of hunger of some other feeling of discomfort, like cold, wet diapers, stomachache, etc. the face expression of a healthy baby is calm, his mimicry is vivid, his cry is loud and emotional. Baby’s taste is developed from the first days of his life, but his smell, eyesight and ear are not developed completely yet.

Your little one can not fix his eyes on something during first days after his arrival; his eyes’ movements are not coordinated (it is the so – called physiological squint – eye). There no tears during the first week of baby’s life. Pain feeling in the first weeks is somewhat lowered, but temperature and tactile feelings are well developed.

Newborn baby’s cerebrum is not developed completely. The nervous cells amount does not increase after his arrival (except cerebellum cells), but significant differentiation of the cerebrum structure takes place: cells get divided into layers; different types of connections between them develop. These cells become different as well. Great changes in the cerebrum blood circulation occur. By the moment of his birth baby’s cerebral hemispheres have almost all main convolutions, but they are not expressed vividly yet. Medulla oblongata is more developed than cerebral hemispheres.

Because of the nervous system incomplete development newborn babies have reflexes, which any adult person may only have when his condition is pathologically bad. During the newborn period there are reflexes, caused by the lips and mouth cavity irritation: searching and sucking ones; while baby’s palm irritation – the grasping reflex and the reflex of mouth opening, which are accompanied by the turning of baby’s head, are expressed.

nervous_systemThe nervous activity complication occurs by the way of conditioned reflexes formation on the basis of unconditioned reflexes. First conditioned reflexes form on the basis of food unconditioned reflexes.
Feeling of hunger, thirst, stomachache, overcooling or overheating may call newborn baby’s nervousness. Quite often nervous behavior and bad sleep of a little one may be caused by his mother’s anxious condition, noise, bright light, etc.

If your baby cries without any evident reason or if he keeps doing it after the reason has been eliminated, you should immediately apply to your doctor, as it may be some serious disease manifestation: otitis, meningitis, nervous system disease, caused by some trauma, received during the delivery process, or by the inner uterine hypoxia (lack of oxygen while his being in your uterus), etc.