Newborn Development

Investigate main stages of the development of a newborn and their names. Get to know about the time of the beginning and the end of each of these stages. Look through information and characteristics of every period of baby’s life.
Newborn Development
A newborn is a baby from the moment of his arrival up until the age of 4 weeks. During this period his first adaptation to the conditions of the surroundings takes place. A baby begins to breathe with his lungs, his blood circulation changes, the urine and faeces begin to excrete. From the first days of the life of a newborn baby the outer secretion of his digestive glands begins. His thermoregulation becomes more perfect, his ferment processes change. All these complicated processes, occurring in the organism of the baby, are regulated by the central nervous system. Children who were delivered at the natural time have more perfect and developed adaptation mechanism, than those, who were born before or after their term.  

Children, born at their natural time, arrive during the period beginning from the 38th – up to the 40th week of pregnancy. But the maturity of the fetus is influenced not only by the length of the pregnancy, but by the conditions, in which it occurred as well. If a mother suffers from any disease of pathology, the birth of an immature fetus at the natural term is possible. Except the condition of the mother’s health the mass and the length of a fetus and a newborn is influenced by many other factors: age and physical development of both parents, amount of previous pregnancies, feeding of a pregnant woman, father’s health, social factors, such as labour conditions, etc.

A baby, who was delivered at the natural time, has the medium body length of about 18 – 20 inches, and weights 7 – 7, 5 pounds. The body length is constant and it helps to determine the degree of matureness of a fetus.

Newborn babies, who have the body length is 18 inches or more are considered to be born at the natural time, those, whose body length is less than 18 inches, are considered to be born before their natural time. The growth coefficient (the ratio of the body mass to the body length) of babies, who were delivered at the natural time, is equal to 60 and more.

Babies, who were delivered before the natural time are those, born between the weeks 28th – 38th. In some countries they are babies, delivered between the weeks 22nd – 28th.
Immature are babies, who were born at the natural time, but their organs and systems are insufficiently developed to live outside of their mother’s organism. In case of bad uterine conditions even the baby, delivered at his natural time may be born immature.

Babies, who were delivered after their natural time are considered to be those, who were born after the 42nd week of pregnancy. They have the symptoms of over maturity: thicker skull bones, little fontanelles, dry skin, etc. Such babies may have violations of the central nervous system functioning, because of the dearth of oxygen, which was the consequence of the wrong uterus – placenta blood circulation.

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