Peculiar Conditions of Newborn Babies

There are some peculiar (transitional) conditions of a newborn baby which are considered to be on verge of physiological and pathological processes. Check them out and get to know to treat these conditions.
Peculiar Conditions of Newborn Babies

Physiological Loss of Body Mass
During first several days after baby’s arrival his body mass becomes up to 3 – 10 % less than it was at the moment of birth. Those newborns, who suffered from asphyxia, or whose mothers have any disease, lose more weight during first 3 – 5 days after their arrival. But thanks to a good care and rational feeding it is possible to prevent such a weight loss.

Healthy baby, if he is born at his natural term and if there are no contraindications because of his mother’s health and because of the rhesus – incompatibility may be put on his mother’s breast right after his arrival in order to receive first drops of her milk (colostrum). The earlier he begins to suck this milk, the better lactation will she have and the higher level of immune protection will a baby receive.

Tumour, Received During the Process of Baby’s Arrival
Tumour may occur on the organ of a fetus, which is the first to come out. Most babies, who lie with their head forward, have this kind of tumour in the head area.
During first 2 – 3 days after baby’s arrival such a tumour is to disappear as the oedema gets resolved.

Newborn Baby’s Albuminuria
Most of newborns have protein in their urine during the first week after their arrival. It is completely vanished by the end of second week of his life. The reason of albuminuria is the kidneys blood stagnation, during the process of arrival.

Milium is the secretion accumulation in sebaceous glands. This accumulation looks like whitish and yellowish dots, which slightly rise over the skin level. They are well seen in the nose, forehead and cheeks areas.

Kidneys Uric Acid Infarct
Many healthy newborn babies by the 3rd – 4th days of their life secrete a great amount of urates while the urinating process. Kidneys infarct may be diagnosed on the basis of red or brownish spots on a diaper. Urates become washed out from baby’s kidneys as he begins to consume more liquid, and the infarct is over by the end of the second week of a baby’s life.

Pigmented Spots
Some grayish – blue spots may appear on the skin of a newborn baby. These spots are of different size. As a rule they come out in the buttocks, coccyx, sacrum areas, more rarely – in the areas of hips and shanks. The reason of their appearance is unknown.

Crisis of Sex
Newborn babies are often observed to have crisis of sex. Their breasts enlarge despite baby’s sex (both boys and girls may suffer from it). Girls may also have slimy and bloody secretions from their vaginas, and boys may have their penises swollen.

Breasts’ swellings occur as a rule during first several days of baby’s life and it reaches its peak by the 8th – 10th day. If you press on the baby’s swollen breast, some amount of a whitish liquid, which looks like colostrums may secrete from it. This condition develops because endocrine glands vital activity products (some specific hormones) of a woman’s organism come into her baby’s organism. These hormones provoke women’s lactation and her baby’s breasts and vaginal secretion. The crisis of sex phenomenon needs not to be cured, but in case of considerable swelling, something warm should be put on the breasts area.

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