Baby Nursery

Find out how to furnish baby nursery according to increasing demands and needs of babies. Educate yourself about the main features of baby bedding, bed, furniture and nursery themes.
Baby Nursery
baby-furnitureSoon-to-be parents enjoy and look forward to buying baby furniture and bedding for the nursery. It is fun to decide on nursery themes, choose a pretty pink or blue baby bed, and team it with nursery themed linen or bedding. Nevertheless, it is significant that parents buy baby furniture that is safe and nursery bedding that will also keep baby warm and comfortable.
Here are some interesting ideas on how to buy the right baby furniture and bedding to create a safe, secure, baby-friendly, pretty and cute nursery.

Cute and Safe Baby Furniture
There is a wide range of baby furniture to choose from, which makes the task quite difficult for new moms and dads. First of all, a baby would need a baby bed or crib with a well-fitting bumper, a dresser for clothes, a changing table and an infant seat. When buying these items, safety should be on the top of the checklist, followed by durability, budget and then, style.
Parents should choose baby furniture that has rounded cornebaby_nurseryrs, smooth edges, a stable, non-tip construction and lead-free paint. Make a list of items that meet these criteria and then, choose according to budget and style of the nursery theme.

Safe and Pretty Baby Bedding
Baby bedding and linen will include cot mattress, blankets, bumpers, fitted sheets, mattress pads and waterproof pads. When buying the baby mattress, ensure that it offers excellent support and is safe and comfortable for baby to use. Choose from innerspring or foam and choose the best quality.
Bumpers should also have a snug fit and at least six ties or poppers for fastening it to the cot rails. Baby blankets, fitted sheets, mattress pads and other linen must also be of the best quality, non-allergenic material and fit the mattress snugly.

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