Creative Play for Babies

What kinds of games can you play with your newborn to help him make connections with around world? Here are some simple advices about games for your newborn baby.
Creative Play for Babies

4 to 6 months old

At this age babies are more active. At this period they are learning to roll and hold their head up. Also they are learning to sit up. Here are some games for their age group, in addition to the previous ones.

Bubble Blast

play_for_babiesA great game to play when you are outside is bubble blast. All what you need it’s a small bottle of bubbles and a wand. There are even little bottles of bubbles, complete with a wand, you can even keep in your diaper bag for those times you are outside for long periods of time and baby is cranky.

Rocket Baby

Majority of children love to fly. Zooming around the house, with me supplying the power, brought loud giggles from them. Playing rocket baby is very simple. You need to decide what kind of flying machine they’ll be. Circling the room, airplanes zoom around and dipping up and down. Rockets start off low and rumble up toward the ceiling.

Belly Furps

Babies like when you touch and tickle them. A fun thing you can do with your child is the belly furp. The way you give one is take a breath, place your lips against your child's bare belly and blow gently. You will make a funny noise and at the same time tickle you child.

Creative play is a wonderful way to bond with your newborn and older baby. And help him develop his social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.

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