Creative Play for Babies

What kinds of games can you play with your newborn to help him make connections with around world? Here are some simple advices about games for your newborn baby.
Creative Play for Babies

play_for_babyAs a rule young parents are bombarded with the information about raising children. Usually it is common questions such as: what diapers to use, whether to breast feed and of course how to make their babies smarter. Every year millions of dollars are spend on products to make children smarter and more alert. Talking, singing, and cuddling all play a vital role in your child's development. From the moment the child is born, they are curious about the world around them. Every experience for them is new. Start from the feel of their blanket to the sounds around them.

Every new thing helps children to make the connections that will help them grow and learn. Very good experience it is different games. Any game made them smile and laugh. But if your child starts to squirm or cries, change the activity to something else.

Birth to 3 months old

At this age, most babies aren't mobile. They are dependant on you to take care of everything. This is a great age to show your baby the world around them. Remember it might take your newborn a little while to respond to your games. It is normal and doesn't mean anything is wrong.

What is this?

Newborns are fascinated with touch and everything interests them. Find the items in your closet that have the most various colors and feels. Suede, silk, fake furs velvet and cashmere sweaters are very good choice. Let your baby experience each one as long as he wishes. During this process you should talk with your baby and do not forget to tell your baby what he is feeling and seeing.

Dancing Baby

Music has charms to sooth the cranky baby. The majority babies are calmed by it. Select music your baby likes that one that does not put him to sleep. Turn it on low and take your baby, make sure you give his neck all necessary support. You can sway, move around do dips or just dance. If your baby does not like dancing maybe he will like watching you dance.

Wow, look at that!

Each baby loves to feel new things. As their eyesight is not perfect, that is why they need to see things closely and personally. You can use various things and in such way introduce your baby to the world around him. Kitchen is a great place to find a various group of things that your baby can touch and look up. But it is not only one place where you can help your baby to learn the world. You can use different things around your home. But you should be very attentive.

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