Key Questions to Ask a Babysitter

These questions will help you to find the babysitter, which would suit you the most.
Key Questions to Ask a Babysitter

Talking to any potential babysitter for your children ask at least some of the above mentioned questions. Only in case if all answers make you feel comfortable and confident, you may choose this person to leave your precious children with.
 1. Have you ever had any babysitting experience before? If so, could you describe it please?
 2. Have you attended any babysitter courses, any first aid courses, or have you received any kind of specialized training for childcare?
 3. Have you had any experience of working (volunteering) with children? If so, what kind of an experience is it (like music classes, serving as a dance assistant, etc.).
 4. How about your immunizations? Are they current?
 5. Do you have any health problems, which can possibly influence your ability to take care of my child / children? (You should not be afraid to ask this question, as you do it for the sake of your own youngster(s). having, for example, two – or three storied house, how can you leave your overactive toddler with someone, who finds it difficult to climb the stairs).
 6. Is there any grown – up or family member available nearby in case of an emergency whom you could contact? (This question would be extremely useful to ask, if you are hiring a teenager to take care of your child / children).
 7. What is the reason of your enjoying to work with kids?
 8. What kinds of activities are you going to plan with my child / children, while I am not available? (You are to ask this kind of question in order to make sure that the person, who will stay with your kid(s), will provide them with interesting and fascinating games, crafts or other child – friendly activities, which will not harm them).
 9. What age children would you like to take care of? What age children do you least enjoy? What are the reasons of such preferences?
 10. Which age group are you most comfortable with? Which age groups are you most experienced with?
 11. What are your childcare principles and philosophy?
 12. Do you know how to change a diaper? How about really messy ones? Will you manage changing them?
 13. Do you know how to give medicine? (It may happen that your child has a cold, or something like this, and then he or she will need some medicine, or he or she may be on oral antibiotics. In this case you are to make sure, that the person, you hire as a babysitter for you kid will not only give him the proper dosage, but will do it safely as well).
 14. In case if the babysitter will be taking care of more than one child, you are to ask the questions, like “What are you going to do if the kids will not be able to get along, or if they begin to fight with one another?”
 15. What are you going to do in case if the child will not mind you, or, if he behaves badly? (This kind of question may be considered as the determining one, as it will help you to find out about your potential babysitter’s disciplinary approaches.
 16. What type of situation is to occur, under which you would call me? (this question will help you to find out how a person, whom you are going to hire as a babysitter for your child / children would rank a “need” or emergency).
 17. Would you feel comfortable, if you had to stay at my house at night or for an extended period?
 18. Do you know how should an infant be fed? How about feeding a toddler? Do you know what to do in case if a child chokes?
 19. How much should I pay you per hour?
 20. What hours and days of the week can you come to sit with my child? (you should find out on what particular times or days the person, whom you are going to hire as a babysitter for your child / children will not be available).
 21. What type of commitment will you provide me that you will honor out agreement to sit with my child / children and not cancel? (this question should be asked, especially in case if you are going to hire a sitter for some major holidays of busy times, like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.).
 22. What qualities of a babysitter do you have, that can make me wish to take you? (a good babysitter may tell you about some kinds of children activities or projects, she or he has planned already, fun, games, etc.)
 23. What babysitting experience was the worst for you? (you should pay attention at the person’s reaction and how he or she will work through this problem).
 24. Do you know how to prepare a meal?
 25. What would you like me to do as a parent in order to help you make your babysitting experience with my child / children successful?