Is It Wise To Advertise New Births?

Consider basic rules of new birth promotion to protect your baby against kidnapping. Investigate alternative methods of announcement.
Is It Wise To Advertise New Births?
Baby kidnapping is not a new kind of crime, and it may be conducted not only to hold him or her to ransom. Nowadays the range of the kidnapping’s motivation broadens. More and more often, some desperate women or couples, whose child has died, or who are infertile push them to kidnap children. There are also cases, when a woman “fakes” her pregnancy and she finally begin to need the proof of an infant. The baby kidnapping often results in the new mom’s suicide, while the police may be quite successful in finding the baby, who is cared for and is safe. Anyway, this kind of a crime raises a question as to what should and should not new parents do in terms of celebrating the arrival of their baby.

Before broadcasting the news of a new baby’s birth, or taking your child out in public, you should find answers for yourself to the following questions:
Is it important to you to have a yard sign, or is there another way to promote the happy news?
It does not mean, that you must keep yourself from putting a yard sign, which lets everybody know about the new baby’s arrival, however, you are to take care of some basic safety items. There are always to be some other adults except the young mother and a baby in the home. 

Is there another option to publishing a public birth announcement?
There are hospitals nowadays, which feature secured delivery announcements on their website, where the young parents choose a special security password, and only after it they can send it to recipients, they would like to. Some hospitals create a printer – friendly birth announcement, which may be situated in the baby’s book instead of ordinary newspaper announcements.

What other methods of announcement can be taken into consideration?
With the help of the Internet nowadays it is extremely easy, comfortable and immediately to send all the news with the newborn baby’s details, including the picture. It is even possible to create a kind of the birth announcement list beforehand, and add all the necessary information into it in the appropriate key dates, the photo may also be attached and the last thing to do is to press the “send” button. However, out old traditional birth announcements are also in consideration, they can either be mailed or e – mailed to the recipients. However, you should keep in mind, that putting a front door wreath or any other item, which will denote the arrival of a new baby into this world, without all the detailed information about your child, is generally considered to be the best choice, much better, than broadcasting a lot of information through all possible resources. To make the long story short, you are to consider only those people, whom you really carry about and want to know about your baby’s birth, and you are neither to tempt people, who may be desperate for a baby, nor flaunt the news in any way, as it is the safest and the wisest decision, ever made.

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