Home Safety Checklist

Consider the checklist to make sure your home is safe for children. Think what you can change in your house to increase safety level.
Home Safety Checklist
1. You should stick a list of the most important numbers beside each telephone in your house. Remember about your number, your closest relatives’ numbers, your family friends’ numbers, and your neighbours’ numbers. Do not forget about the emergency services telephone numbers.
2. Get a phone, which includes an answering device;
3. You should better obtain a phone, which can provide the caller’s identification. Tell your child to pick up a receiver only if any of the people, he or she knows is calling. You may let the phone take a message for all others unanswered calls.
home_safety_lock3. It would be useful to have a wireless monitoring system installed. This system will let you know when your child comes back home. You will receive alerts to your mobile phone, office phone, or email. You may also install a video camera, which will provide an extra security for your child.

1. Make sure all doors and windows in your house are equipped with secure locks;
2. It is extremely necessary to keep all matches, lighters, medications, household cleaners and other toxic or dangerous things away from your child / children’s reach, in a safe place. Moreover, all of them are to be labeled clearly and kept in their original containers.
3. Do not forget to lock up any alcoholic beverage; in addition, from time to time it would be wise to check if they do not disappear in a mysterious way.
4. All firearms and ammunition is to be stored separately and kept under a lock and key.
5. It would be good if you put light timers in order your child would not come back to a dark house.

Fire Safety
1. Each level of your house is to be equipped with a smoke alarm. In case if there is only one level in your house, the smoke alarm is to be situated near the kitchen and all bedrooms. You should check them from time to time to make sure they all work.
2. Do not forget to replace any broken or damaged electrical cord as soon as you notice it. Besides, you are not to use more than two plugs per one outlet.
3. In order to prevent scalding, you should keep your water heater below 55 degrees Celsius. .

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