Child Fire Safety Care

If you want to teach your children about fire safety check out the information below. There are tips for keeping children out of fire danger.
Child Fire Safety Care
fire_safetyParents, teachers, childcare providers, including relatives, family friends, babysitters are to work together to teach children of any age about fire safety rules (though it is especially for youngsters).

1. Escape route planning.
If it would be possible, you are to designate at least two available ways out of every room. Media rooms (the ones, which are created without windows in them) prove to be potential fire entrapment issues. Every parent and adult person is to evaluate their home and design an escape route plan, which is to be situated in one of the most visible places and shown to children, who live in the house, regularly.

2. Windows are designed not only for fresh air.
 You are to make sure that no window in the house, you live in is closed, check if the screens may be removed quickly and easily, and that security bars can be opened without much problems. All of these rules are to kept to, especially in case, if your child’s bedroom is situated upstairs.

3. Second floor safety.
 Your house is to be equipped with special escape ladders, which should be situated near every second floor window. You, as well as your child / children should practice regularly how to climb up and down this ladder.

4. Feeling way to safety.
 Your child / children must be able to find the way out of the home either in the darkness or with eyes, being closed. Teaching kids this skill would better turn it into a kind of a game by blindfolding a child, placing into some room and him or her to make their way to some designated area. It is also possible to set it up an obstacle course, and provide some cues and help in such a way, that after a child reached the end point, he or she gets some kind of a treat.

5. 9–1–1 is a critical teaching skill.
 Any child is to know how to dial the emergency 9 – 1 – 1 number. You may teach your kid / kids a special 911 song in order to help them memorize the number (it may be sung to “Frere Jacques”). The words of this song are the following:
 There is a fire, there is a fire;
 Nine – one – one, nine – one – one;
 Call the free department, call the free department;
 Nine – one – one, nine – one –one.
You may either let your child / children have practice on some unplugged phone, or help them make their own hand made telephones with large keypads.

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