Fun Activities for Teaching Fire Safety

Turn the process of teaching children to escape fire danger into funny game. And they will remember the rules with easy.
Fun Activities for Teaching Fire Safety

Teaching kids to know fire safety rules does not necessarily have to be some kind of a serious or scary issue for them. The main thing for children is to get to know the possible ways of escaping from a fire, and not to become scared of being in a fire. Creating interesting activities for children of different ages, you will still be able to give them lessons about fire safety. Here come 10 possible fun activities, which you, being a parent, a teacher, a babysitter or any other kind of childcare provider can apply to get the safety information across, while children will still be having fun in the process.

1. Field Trip Time
There are children, who are afraid of firefighters, they may even run away and hide form them. In order to help such a child to get rid of these fears, you can make a trip to the fire station and make them acquainted with some fire fighters. To do so, you will have to call the station beforehand with the aim of appointing your visit, so, that staff would be prepared to spend some special time with the child / children. However, keep in mind, that their plans can change suddenly in case if a fire call will take them away form the station.

2. Create Your Own Fire Safety Poster Contest
No matter whether you are a parent, a relative, a babysitter, a teacher or any other childcare provider, you may organize a fire safety poster contest for your child or children at school, daycare center or at home. You can do it by asking children to create pictures of kids, doing the right things in escaping from a fire. It is also possible to draw “incorrect” behaviors, which may be crossed by two red lines. After all, you may make children display their posters and discuss them.

fire_safety_games3. Book It! Fire Safety Books Teach Lessons Well
It is extremely necessary, useful and important to read children books on fire safety (for the younger children you may choose books about fire trucks and their purposes or about firefighters and their work, as well as about fire stations). After you have read the book, you may talk about it with your child / children, answer their questions, or ask them some questions, concerning fire safety rules.

4. R – E – D, Red: Fire Trucks Are Red
Make the colour RED a theme and teach your child / children about fire safety rules with the help of red fire trucks. You can also tell them to draw red fire trucks, red fire extinguishers, and a lot of other red things. Moreover, children may even put something red on. Give them red apples to eat or red punch or juice to drink as a reward for a day.

5. Exit, Exit: Where Are You?
Being a teacher or some daycare provider, while walking with children, have them take a walk around the daycare or school building. If you are a parent, a babysitter or a home daycare provider, plan a kind of outing, during which make the child / children look for EXIT signs. Do not forget to keep tally marks of any found sign. In case if it would be possible, you may even turn the lights off in the whole building and make the children see the EXIT signs, which remain lit. After they do it, explain why it is so. You can even make children do a project of creating their own special EXIT signs.

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