Halloween Tips for Parents and Homeowner

To stay quiet while you children are trick or treating think over the following advice. There are also tips for homeowners how to make safe and fun Halloween night.
Halloween Tips for Parents and Homeowner
 Feed your child / children a healthy meal. Before going trick or treating, make sure, your child / children ate plenty of non – spoiled food of a good quality. Remember, that your kids will feel much better and happier, and their temptation to devour the first given candy will be reduced greatly.

 Children or any age are to be accompanied by a parent or by some other responsible adult. There is no doubt, that young teens, who still trick or treat and most tweens will resist this notion, however, you should provide them with at least one adult person. In case if it is not possible for some reason, then you will have to set strict rules for your child / children. You are to require your youngsters to carry a cell phone, which can be used by them in case of an emergency. Having older child / children, you are to tell them where they can and can not go, what etiquette is there for them to follow, they are to be aware of all safety rules, carry a flashlight or any other lit device, and have an absolute deadline for coming back home time.

 Costumes, bought for your child / children are to be of flame – retardant material. Your kid / kids are also to wear costumes, which are reflective of the local weather. There are parents, who overdress their children, these children sweat, and feel too uncomfortable in heavy costumes, which often even do not “breathe”. Other parents buy their kids skimpy costumes, in which they often freeze or those, made of an extremely thin material. Remember, trick or treating is for your children, and you, being a parent are to think their costumes over before you will have to make your little princess walk around in a coat, put over her costume.

 Insist on your child’s visiting a bathroom before leaving the house for trick or treating. It is also important to consider all possible bathroom needs of your child, while choosing Halloween costume. Remember, it is to be easy go get on and off, in order that your kid will avoid

 Never allow your child / children to eat any candy before it is inspected. You should instruct your child, that any opened candy is to be thrown away immediately. Do the same with all homemade sweets, unless you personally know the family, which has made these homemade sweets. It is important to toss anything, which looks suspicious in any way right away, and are to get rid of anything, which your child does not like. It would be much better, if you check all treats by yourself.

Suggestions for Residents / Homeowners for Making Halloween Night a Fun Night of Trick or Treating
trick_or_treat_safety Pick up all objects in the yard, sidewalk, driveway, etc. that can possibly create safety issues. Moreover, you will have to make sure that all tools of yours are put away into a safe place. Remember about checking hoses, flower pots, extension cords.

 Think “trick or treat safety” while putting decorations on your house and in your frond and back yards. It is recommended to use plug – in or battery powered jack – o – lanterns, instead of using real candles. However, if you still want to have a real flame, you are to make sure, it is far away from any possible exposure to all trick or treaters’ costumes or from all places, where children can walk or stand.
Keep your house well – lit, friendly looking and invitating. However, if you want to make your house look like spooky, you will have to let young trick or treaters know about it by having an extended welcome – mat.

 Make sure that your pets are secured and put away. There are cases, when pets may become frightened because of all these fuss and shouting, others may get territorial or aggressive. In order to avoid it, you should provide appropriate arrangements for them, as you want neither your pets scaring little trick or treating children, nor you would like kids be frightening pets. Special attention should be paid at cats, which may dart out through open doors.

 Consider treats to be healthier food alternatives. Giving young trick or treaters non- sweet things, like crackers, chips, raisins, popcorn, etc. can make their parents thumbs up. It would also be possible to give the “treat” to trick or treating by way of giving pencils, markers, spider rings, and other funny kids’ items.