Trick or Treat! Halloween Safety

There are useful advice for both parents and children how to behave in the Halloween night to be in the safety.
Trick or Treat! Halloween Safety
 “Trick or treat” night is one of the most favourite nights of yours. However, before you put on your ghost or goblin’s costume this year, you should remember about the following safety tips, which will help you to make the only howls are those, being of fun.

Each child should carry or wear something lit.
 You should take a flashlight, some glow bracelet or necklace, or flashing attire with you, which will provide you with visibility. One of the ways out may also become wearing light – up shoes, which are so much noticeable on a dark Halloween night.
Plan out your route beforehand with your parents or your care provider beforehand.
 Moreover, you should even check it during the daytime in order to check if for any possible obstacle, like broken or no sidewalks, construction timber, or any other potential obstacle. Trick or treat only in your neigbourhood.

halloween_safetyChildren should wear well – fitting shoes.
 The best for you would be to put on your sneakers, or some sturdy shoes of yours, even if some princess high – heel, or too – large boots went along with your Halloween costume. You can keep these types of shoes for some costume parties. Your feet will be thankful to you!

Do not buy costumes, which drag on the ground for your child / children.
 Costumes, which drag look cute, of no doubt; however, any of them can easily trip up your feet or get caught in bushes. Remember, while trick or treating, you need not only be costumed, but comfortable as well.

Be sure that your mask allows full visibility and breathing.
 Some masks are only provided with small eye slits, and there may be nothing for your nose or mouth in them. In case if your mask is one of the abovementioned, you should not hesitate to cut out larger eye opening for your own feeling of comfort. However, it is much more useful to get the mask, which “breathes” and the one, which is easy to put on and off.

Get costumes, which are bathroom – friendly for your child.
 You should plan at least one bathroom stop along your way with your parent or your care provider. It may be either your friend’s house, which is a good place to have a water –break as well, or some public facility.

Trick or treaters should walk.
 Do not run, and never cut across any lawn or driveway. Remember, about potential obstacles, which may not be visible in the darkness.

Only carry flexible props.
 Your swords, ninja items, or knives are to be flexible so, that you will not get injured or wounded in case if you fall accidentally. Do not take your play weapons with you, because there are people, which may get offended, when they see you carrying staffs like this with you, and trick or treating is to be a fun and positive experience not only for you, but for those people, you are going to visit as well.

Only trick or treat at houses, which are lit.
 Remember, that people, who do not want to be bothered by trick or treaters, turn their lights off as a rule. You should respect their choices, and you are only to go to the houses, which are lit.

Be sure you are neither hot nor thirsty.
 You should neither get over – heated or dehydrated. It is necessary to put on costumes, according to weather. You should better not ask your parents to buy costumes, which contain heavy fur and hood, like the lion costume, if the temperature outdoors is higher than 80 degree F in the evening. However, a fairy costume will neither be practical if the nights are cold. Therefore, as you can see, your costume’s choice much depends on the weather.

Think “practical” over “cute” while picking up a trick or treat goody bag or container.
 There are some bags or containers, sold in the stores, which are heavy enough even before any treat is added in them. Others are too long or sharp – edged, which will either drag the ground or scrape against the tender skin of yours. One of the best ways out for you may become taking a backpack with you, which will let your hands be free for a flashlight of something of that kind.

Keep track of time and do not trick or treat after 9 p.m.
 Except the potential danger, you will simply get much tired by this time. So, go home and count your treats as soon as the clock strikes nine!