Leaving Your Children Home Alone

Before leaving your children alone you are to prepare them well. Think over rules for leaving them alone. Answer the questions to know whether you children are ready for that.
Leaving Your Children Home Alone
One of the unpleasant realities of nowadays life is considered to be the pressure for children to stay home alone for some period of time after school, up until at least one of their parents comes back home from work. However, any parents, who leave their children home alone, are to supervise them remotely.

Any school age child is to be supervised by some responsible adult (a grandparent, any other relative, a close friend of a family, a neighbour, a babysitter, etc.), no matter whether this child is 6 or 17 years old. However, if there is no person, on whom you may rely to take care after your child / children, while you are absent, you will have to find some way out and give him or her / them the feeling of being under constant supervision of yours. In order to do it, you are to:
•  Set firm unbreakable rules, where there are clear do’s and don’ts;
•  Make your child / children ready to some emergency situations, which may possibly occur;
•  Make sure, you know how your child / your children spend his or her / their free time;
•  Keep constantly in touch with your child / children. In case if you are hard to reach, get a mobile phone or a pager;
•  Make sure, your home is completely safe and secure for your child / children to stay alone in it;
•  Leave your child / children home alone for as short period of time, as possible.
•  Children before the age of 10 should not be left home alone. Moreover, only if your kid / children is / are more than ten years old, and if he or she / they are mature enough, you may begin to leave them. For the first time, do not go out for more than an hour or so. Let your child / children see how they can handle being home alone. However, every time, you are going to leave your child / children without your supervision, make sure, there is some responsible adult, who is constantly available somewhere in the nearest neighbourhood, who can provide help in case of a necessity.

 You should also remember, that you may not determine whether to leave your kid / kids home alone only taking their age into consideration. Remember, there are cases, when pre – teens and even teens get into more trouble than any younger child.

Here are several questions, which will let you realize whether your child / children are ready to stay home alone:
•  Would my child feel comfortable about being left on his or her own?
•  Would I feel comfortable about my child’s being left alone at home?
•  Is my child responsible enough to follow all the instructions carefully?
•  Does my child understand and remember all the instructions, either written or oral?
•  Would my child be able to find some constructive thing to bet busy with without getting into any kind of mischief?
•  How would my child be able to handle some unexpected situations, or any kind of emergency?
•  Would I be able to be in contact with my child any time, when I am not at home?
•  Is there any responsible adult person, my child will be able to reach in case of emergency?

After you have found the answers to all of these questions, you may communicate with your child / children about the experience. You may increase the amount of time you are out every time for several minutes, however, do not forget to leave some specific instructions to follow.