Meeting Strangers

Parents should prepare kids for abduction dangers. There are useful safety tips for children and parents to consider.
Meeting Strangers
Here are the useful safety tips for children to consider:
You should always travel with a friend or even with a group of friends, any time, either while riding a bike or walking to or from school, or elsewhere. 

In case if a stranger offers you a ride somewhere, the best answer is “NO”, after that it would be wise to go or even run away. Being an adult, you should tell your child / children what “a stranger” means, and give safety tip examples, which will help your kid / kids know what you mean.

If you notice someone following you on foot, you are to go away as quickly, as possible. Some of the ways out for you may be going to the house of a person, you know (if there is one in the neighborhood), or simply run somewhere, where there are people, or, at least, simply run away.

If you see someone following you in a car, you must turn around and make your way in the opposite direction, or find a path, where no car will be able to go.

You must never leave your school, with some person, with whom you feel uncomfortable, especially, if it is a stranger. 

If some person, strange to you tells you about any emergency or about anyone from your family being hurt, or about your pet having got into an accident, you are always to check any of the information of this kind with your parents or any other available relative. Remember, trick like this is usually used by most kidnappers or molesters.

And these are the useful safety tips for adults to consider:
Establish several “safe houses” in the nearest neighborhood for your child / children, where it would be possible to apply in any emergency case. However, before telling your kids in which doors they can knock, you are to receive these peoples’ approval by letting them before you designate their house as being a “safe house” for your child / children.  

You should never become lax about your child / children going to their friend’s home, even if it is in the nearest neighborhood, and is situated only several doors away from your house. Remember, that snatchings can occur suddenly, even in case if a child is under your watchful eye. That is why you are to keep your kids under your supervision constantly. Do to it, you may simply ask your child / children to call you as soon as they come to their friend’s house in order that you would feel calm about them being safe and sound.
Children may never left to play on their own in the front yard without being watched out by a grown up person, as the risk of any kind of accident is high. For children games the backyard is considered to be a much safer place, moreover, it is much more private.

Children should better be met by an adult person, when they get off from their school bus, and do not walk home on their own.

Being a parent, you are to be cautious about blatant use of your child / children’s names on a backpack or on a jacket, because usually children believe, that if a person knows their names, he or she can not be a stranger. And most of these kids have no idea, that their names were simply read out from their backpacks or from their jackets, or heard, while someone called them by their name.

Some parents wrongly believe, that boys are at lower risk, comparing to girls. It is not true, remember, your son is as greatest of risk as your neighbours’ daughter. Sometimes, parents also consider that children molesters are commonly men, seeking for girls. However, you are to know, that molesters come in all ages, and they are of both genders: men and women as well, and their victim may become a child of either sex.
Being a parent, you are to begin to reinforce these safety tips as soon, as your child / children is / are old and mature enough to be able to understand and follow them. Moreover, you are to make sure, that your child / children feel comfortable while talking about these issues.