Child School/Preschool Day Care Centers

Make sure your children are safe at school or preschool day care center. Check how easy access to children is.
Child School/Preschool Day Care Centers
When looking for a school or a daycare center, you are to get to know what these institutions are doing to keep children safe. Here are the questions; you may ask the potential caregiver provider:
Are there limited access entry and exit points throughout the building? All childcare institutions are to have a designated visitor entrance and check – in procedure. However, these procedures are not designed to limit parents’ access to their children, but to make sure that staff is aware at all times of who is inside their building and around the children. 

Are all exterior doors (except the front main entrance) locked? There are childcare facilities, which have a safety keypad entry or which are equipped with special buzzer systems. Others institutions have the access only to a visitor’s area. However, you are to keep in mind, that if someone, who really wants to protrude, can enter simply behind some parent, who has just entered a code… Any stranger can even act like a parent. What is really important is to get to know if the exterior doors follow proper safety rules by allowing people to come inside, and not simply gain entrance. 

Is the facility equipped with safety cameras and are these monitored? Safety cameras are a good safety provider, however they will prove themselves only in case if they are actively monitored throughout the day.

Is identification required and are adults, who pick up their children required to be on an approved list? Any type of children daycare facilitates is to have a plan in place on who is authorized to pick up a child. All parents are expected to understand the necessity of it, as it means that no exceptions will be made for the sake every child’s safety. There are even some childcare institutions, which require parents, picking up their kids to present a photo or prove their relations and aim in some other way. There are parents, who get irritated because of these kinds of procedures conducting, as it often occurs, that parents are in a hurry or pick – up is delayed. However, each adult is to understand, that these measures are provided only for their children’s safety, and they should not only mind it, but also insist on them, although it does mean that parents will have to spend several extra minutes, while picking up their kids. 

What type of safety plans are in place at my child’s / children’s school? As a rule there is a great number of children, attending each school building, this is why during the drop – off as well as pick – up hours it may be much more difficult to keep each entering and exiting person in control. However, every school is to have its protocol in place. For example, each teacher, is to stay outside with children up until the last kid is picked – up by a known and approved parent or adult. Moreover, every parent, coming into the classroom is to pick – up only his or her own child / children. In addition, it is not possible for children to be allowed to leave the school building on their own. There are even schools, which have special identification tags, given to adults, who are to present it either on their car or on their person.
Being a parent, you should also ask questions about the way visitors are checked in, how children are supervised during their outdoor play, what will happen, if any of the school personnel feels uncomfortable about some stranger being either in the school building or in the playground.

Are background safety checks conducted on staff and parent volunteers? Nowadays more and more school districts and childcare facilities require background checks on all grown – ups with access to children. There are some districts or facilities, which foot the bill, while others require parents to pay a check to be conducted. What you are to do is to ask if a check is done, if it is, whether it is a state only or national check, and how often checks are redone. Of course, checks do not keep children from all possible accidents; however, they do serve as a deterrent from any person with any criminal background. 

Are safety smarts taught to children? Are there lessons conducted for age – appropriate stranger danger, appropriate touch vs. privacy, and tips of self – awareness in schools or childcare centers, which your child / children will attend. Children of all ages need these kinds of lessons to be conducted.

Are safety I.D. kits offered and available?
More and more schools and childcare centers begin to include child safety I.D. kits to parents. Such kits are in the form of a laminated I. D. card, on which the child’s name, and physical description along with his or her picture, fingerprints and contact information are provided. Being parents you should keep your child’s / children’s lock or hair or baby tooth with for DNA. Some schools also offer this, however, if the one, your kid / kids attend does not, you should do it by yourself and keep it in a safe place, which will be easy to access in case of a necessity.