Child Traffic Safety Care

Get to know how to protect children from traffic danger. To avoid risks never leave children in a car alone.
Child Traffic Safety Care
Slow Cars, Fast Children
Researchers from the University of Utah found out that one of the most serious and often occurring types of mishaps for little children is considered to be the backing them up in the driveways
According some recently conducted investigations on little children, who died as a result of low – speed motor vehicle impacts, these accidents mostly occurred at these children’s homes, and the drivers, involved in them were their families’ members close friends of their parents.

As a rule young toddlers become car accidents victims, because these children are already old enough to be able to move quickly, however, they are too small for drivers to notice them, when they come close to their vehicles. The greater chance to kill a child is being on a 4WD passenger vehicle, on a large utility vehicle, on a delivery van or on a heavy truck. Usually a child follows his parents out of the house without being noticed.

Here come several basic safety tips, which will help to prevent a tragedy:
1. Whenever, a vehicle is to be moved, it is extremely important to supervise your child / children. You have to either hold their hands or keep them close to you in order to avoid the worst from occurring.
Consider your house’s driveway to be a small road. Remember, it is extremely necessary to discourage your child / children from playing on and around the driveways.

2. You can even put some kinds of obstacles in order to prevent your child / children from getting on the driveway from the house. You may use security doors, fencing or gates.

Solutions For The Blind Spot
Nowadays, there are vehicle produced, equipped with sensors, which are able detect possible unseen obstacles, situated behind them. These systems sound some kinds of warning tones and illuminate a lamp, which is color coded for proximity, situated above the rear window, which is able to be seen in the rear view mirror, as soon as the vehicle approaches the object. The sensors are able to detect stationary or moving children, however, not in every case, as this type of device is worked out to provide help, not replace drivers’ vigilance completely.

In case if your vehicle is of a larger size, you should add some devices, like extra mirrors in order to reduce your blind spot’s size. There is another possible way to lessen the hazard of backing someone – it is to back into your driveway in such a way, that you will go forward, when you will be driving out. However, there is one strict rule, which is to be followed anywhere and always. You are to back up slowly, you are never to do it faster, than a child’s walking pace.

Do Not Do It! Never Leave Children In Car Alone
You have to keep in mind constantly, that there are hundred of children, getting involved in car accidents, when they are left alone and unsupervised in their parents’ vehicles. Remember, that awful accidents may and do occur within a moment. They may either happen from gear – shifted crashes, locking parents out of a vehicle, sweltering temperatures, or from trunk entrapments, playing with windows and having limbs, or even necks trapped.

That is why even if you are just, dashing into a store in order to take something, or running to the post – office to drop a letter off, leaving your child / children in the car alone will harm them possibly.
However, it is quite not difficult to understand, why most parents do not consider it to be such a bad thing to leave a child alone in the car for a very short period of time, during which they can perform a quick chore. These are mostly those parents, who do not think a lot about leaving their child / children alone for several minutes typically dote on their youngster / youngsters and would never willingly place them in harm’s way. They may also be thinking that waking a child, who is asleep or getting a little tot out of a child car seat in a cold or other kind of bad weather can make too much bother sometimes, while the errand can possibly be finished within several moments. Of course, it is possible and not difficult at all to explain parents’ actions, however, it is extremely difficult to undone possible unthinkable and awful consequences of such behaviour of adults. In the result, the only possible advice for parents remains the same: you may never leave your child / children in the vehicle alone, never do it even for a short few seconds, as they may turn into the longest years of grief for you.