Check out information about breastfeeding, consider its benefits and disadvantages. Learn how to breastfeed a baby, collect, ship and store breast milk in a proper way. Be aware of contraindications for breastfeeding.
breastfeedingWhether you are a new or expecting Mom, you should know that breastfeeding is the best possible care for a baby. While breastfeeding isn't the only option for feeding your baby, every mother has the potential to succeed and make it a wonderful experience. Try to give your baby breast milk for at least the first six months of life as it offers many benefits to both you and the baby.
Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients to help your infant grow into a strong and healthy toddler.  But there are some cases when it's better not to breast feed especially if you have HIV or active tuberculosis. You could easily give the infection to your baby. Certain medicines, illegal drugs, and alcohol can also pass through the breast milk and cause harm to your baby.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Weigh the pros and cons while deciding whether to breast breastfeed your baby or not. Think over all advantages and disadvantages of the breast milk.
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Consider how both a mother and her baby can benefit from breastfeeding.
Breast Milk Shipping
Discover one of the methods for shipping of breast milk. Get to know what you have to do to keep milk fresh and safe.
Collecting of Breast Milk
If you need to collect breast milk for some purposes you're to be a well-prepared. Investigate what you need to have and to do. Think over tips on making the milk collecting process easier.
Do You Give a Baby Enough Breast Milk?
Learn how to determine whether your little one has enough milk. Consider the signs of an undernutrition. Check out the average milk intake by age and weight.
How to Store Breast Milk
There are basic rules of breast milk proper storage. Check them out to supply your baby with fresh milk. Find out how also to defrost breast milk.
Medicines and Nursing Mothers
If you're breastfeeding mom you are to be very careful with any medicine. Warn your doctor that you're a mom now, because even the most common medicines can harm your baby.
Possible Breast Feeding Problems
Certainly moms who feed children with breast milk can face with some problems. Check out possible problems arising while a woman breast feeds her baby.
The Proper Technique for Breast Feeding
Study how to breast feed your baby in a proper way. Knowing the technique will make easier and more convenient the process of feeding for both a mom and her child.
Tips for Breast Feeding Success
Here you'll find advice to make breast feeding of your baby successful and easy process from the very beginning.
Using Donorís Milk
There are ways to feed your baby with human milk even if you can't produce it yourself. Think over the possibility of using a milk donor, read some tips on choosing the proper one.