Advantages and Disadvantages

Weigh the pros and cons while deciding whether to breast breastfeed your baby or not. Think over all advantages and disadvantages of the breast milk.
Advantages and Disadvantages

Breast feeding advantages:
- Mother’s milk is considered to be the best food for her infant, because:
- Woman’s breast milk protein, fat, and sugars are balanced in the most proper way to suit YOUR baby;
- Woman’s breast milk provides enzymes, which make the digestion process easier, as well as numerous vitamins and minerals;
- Woman’s breast milk reduce the risk of baby’s getting allergies, vomiting, ear infections, diarrhea, pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, meningitis, and other dangerous infections;

To physical advantages for mothers belong the following ones:
- In accordance with some investigations, breast feeding may reduce some certain types of cancer;
- Breast feeding may prevent hip fractures later in woman’s life;
- Woman, who feeds her baby with her own breast milk, looses up to 500 extra calories a day;
breastfeeding_advantages- The uterus of a woman, who feeds her baby with her own breast milk, has her uterus tighten up and return to its normal size more quickly.

To practical advantages for mothers belong the following ones:
- Relatively low cost;
- Instant availability at any time, wherever a woman is;
- No need for any preparation.

To emotional and psychological advantages belong the following ones:
- Breastfeeding provides the direct skin – to – skin contact for mother and her baby, which soothes and is pleasant for both of them;
- Hormones, which are stimulated by milk production process, may promote the feeling that enhances mothering. Most women, who feed their babies with their breast milk, consider that this makes them feel much more attached and protective toward their children as well as more confident about their abilities to nurture and care for their kids.

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