Benefits of Breastfeeding

Consider how both a mother and her baby can benefit from breastfeeding.
Benefits of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding has many benefits, and even in case if a woman can feed her little one with the breast milk (sometimes, in case if there is no way a baby can receive his mother’s milk it is possible to do with the donor’s milk), even if a baby nurses for only a short period of time, still his immune system can have a lot of benefits from being nursed with the breast milk. The benefits of breast milk for a woman, for a baby and others are the following:

breastfeeding_benefitsBenefits for Baby
Woman’s breast milk is considered to be the best and the most complete form of nutrition for little babies. There is just right amount of fatty acids, sugar, water and protein, needed in order to provide sufficient growth and development of a baby. In addition, for the majority of babies it is much easier to digest breast milk, rather than some formula.

Human milk, which goes right from the woman’s breast, is always sterile, and it never gets contaminated with either polluted water or dirty bottles, which can become the reason of diarrhea in the little baby.

In the result of being nursed with the breast milk, babies grow just the way they are to do. There is a tendency of them gaining less unnecessary weight and to be leaner, which may result in being less overweight later in their life.

If a baby arrived before his natural term, being breast fed means that he or she will do better in comparison to those babies, who were delivered prematurely as well, but who are fed formula.

In accordance with some researches, conducted, there is a tendency of babies, nursed with the breast milk scoring slightly higher on IQ tests.
A baby receives immediate satisfaction by his or her mother’s providing her breast milk when he or she is hungry.

Babies, who are breastfed, tend to have fewer illnesses, because the breast milk transfers to the infant all his mother’s antibodies to many kinds of diseases, such as botulism, bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, staphylococcal infections, ear infections, German measles. In addition, about 80% of the cells, contained in the breast milk are called macrophages, or the cells, which kill bacteria, viruses as well as fungi.
The digestive tract of a baby, who is nursed with the breast milk, contains a lot of Lactobacillus bifidus. These are beneficial bacteria, which help to prevent the growth and development of different harmful organisms.

There are at least 100 ingredients, contained in the breast milk, which are not found in any formula. In addition, there are no babies, who may be allergic to the milk of their mother, however, it is possible that a child may have an allergic reaction to something; his or her mother has eaten. Therefore, as soon as the woman stops eating this product, the problem gets resolved by itself.

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