Do You Give a Baby Enough Breast Milk?

Learn how to determine whether your little one has enough milk. Consider the signs of an undernutrition. Check out the average milk intake by age and weight.
Do You Give a Baby Enough Breast Milk?
During the first weeks of a baby’s life his mother usually gets worried whether he or she gets enough of breast milk, especially in cases, if a baby wants to nurse all the time or if a little one is fussy after every feeding. The reason babies seem hungry all the time is that the breast milk is digested within one or two hours after the consumption. 

There are newborns, who want to nurse from 8 up to 15 times a day after the first three – five days of their life. A woman should not get worried about it, as feeding a baby once in three hours is quite an old rule, nowadays most pediatricians, lactation consultants, as well as gynecologists advice to feed babies as often as they want to nurse.

A baby’s doctor can tell the mother whether her baby is getting enough milk by weighing him and finding out how much he gains. It is not a secret that newborn babies usually lose about 5 to 10 percent of their birth weight before regaining it by the time they are 2 weeks old. It should be noted, that a baby should start gaining about one ounce a day by the fifth day after his or her arrival. Anyway, if a woman worries about her baby’s getting enough breast milk, or about her having enough breast milk, she should better have her baby’s doctor check his weight. 

However, there exist some other ways to find out whether a baby gets enough breast milk and there are even some definite signs that he or she may not be receiving enough. Although dehydration in a newborn baby is quite a rare condition, still it is important to be aware of the signs of a healthy eater in order to be able to alert the baby’s doctor in case if there is anything, which seems amiss.

These are the signs of a healthy eater:
A baby nurses at least once in two – three hours or at least eight times a day during the first two – three weeks of his or her life;
During the first month of a baby’s life he or she has at least three stools a day and they are of a yellow – mustard colour. After the first month the stool becomes less frequent, and there are even babies, who go a day or two between stools.
A baby gains one ounce a day by the fifth day after his or her arrival, and up until at least the third month of age.
A baby wets up to eight cloth diapers every day or up to six disposable diapers. It should be noted, that disposable diapers are much more absorbent, and this makes difficult to say how often a baby wets them. In case if a mother is not sure, she can take one diaper off and compare its weight to a dry one.

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