Medicines and Nursing Mothers

If you're breastfeeding mom you are to be very careful with any medicine. Warn your doctor that you're a mom now, because even the most common medicines can harm your baby.
Medicines and Nursing Mothers

There are a lot of medicines, which have not been tested in women, who are nursing their babies, that is why no one can tell exactly how some drugs can influence a baby, nursed with his or her mother’s breast milk. Therefore, most over – the – counter drugs, as well as prescription one, on condition, that they are taken in moderation and only in case of an extreme necessity, are considered to be not harmful.
Even women, who are to take medicines daily with the aim to treat such a condition as diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc can feed their babies with their breast milk in most cases. However, the first thing they are to do – it to consult with their baby’s pediatrician. It is possible that the mother can take her medicine just after the baby has been breast fed or before he or she sleeps in order to minimize the baby’s exposure to this or that drug. There is the list of medicines, which are usually compatible with breast feeding coming below:
breastfeeding_medicine• most antibiotics;
• most antihistamines;
• acetaminophen;
• antiepileptic medicines, however, such drug as Primidone is to be given with caution;
• aspirin is to be given with caution;
• alcohol – containing medicines are to be given in moderation, because large amounts of alcohol can become the reason of drowsiness, abnormal weight gain and weakness in a baby;
• most antihypertensives;
• caffeine – containing medicines are to be given in moderation;
• codeine;
• decongestants;
• ibuprofen;
• insulin;
• guinine;
• thyroid medicines

Some medicines can be taken by a woman, who feeds her child with her breast milk on condition, that she stops nursing for several days or weeks. During this period of time she can pump her milk and discard it in order to keep up her milk supply while the baby drinks either previously frozen breast milk or donor’s milk or formula.

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