Using Donorís Milk

There are ways to feed your baby with human milk even if you can't produce it yourself. Think over the possibility of using a milk donor, read some tips on choosing the proper one.
Using Donorís Milk

Ideally, every baby is nursed with his or her own mother’s breast milk. However, in case if it is not possible to do, a baby can receive breast milk from one of the milk donors., which means that a baby will be nursed with some other woman’s breast milk, which is still much better than being fed with the formula, as it provides just the same precious nutrition as well as disease fighting properties as the mother’s own breast milk. Thus, if a baby has some special needs, such as intolerance to formula, or if a baby suffers from severe allergies, if he or she is failing to thrive on formula, is either premature or has any other health problems, or simply if a mother, who can not feed her baby with her own breast milk, still wants the little one to receive human milk, then it is possible to apply to the milk donor.

These are the reasons why some women may not be able to feed their own baby with their breast milk.
• In case if a baby arrived before his or her natural term, the woman’s milk supply may simply not become established enough by the time of delivery to provide the sufficient amount of milk for the little one. There are even cases, when some stressful situation or caring for a very ill newborn prevents the milk supply from getting developed.
• In case if a woman delivered twins or even triplets, she may simply not have enough breast milk of her own to nurse all of these babies.
• There are some definite medicines, which, if taken by a woman for some health problem of her own, such as chemotherapy for cancer, can cause harm to a baby.
• A woman may suffer form an infection, such as hepatitis, HIV, herpes, beta streptococcus infections etc, which can be spread to her baby through her breast milk during the nursing process.
• A mother may suffer from some health problem, which may prevent her from feeding her baby with the breast milk of her own. It is also possible that because of some reason it is impossible for a woman to produce any breast milk of her own.

There are many women as well as couples of parents, who prefer to feed their babies with breast milk, even in case if the child mother has no breast milk of her own because of some reason. There is the way out of this problem. These women or parents should find a woman, who would donate milk for their baby. These women may either be surrogate mothers, who wish to pump and ship their breast milk, but whose intended parents do not want to use it, women, whose children have already weaned away from the breast, but who wish to go on with producing their breast milk, or women, who produce an unwanted abundant amount of milk. There are breast milk donors, who pump out only a few extra ounces every day, which they prefer to freeze and ship to those women, who might need it, instead of pouring it out. Using a milk donor may provide your baby’s entire nutritional needs, or it may either just provide a small portion which may possibly be added to formula.

Word of mouth is, of no doubt, considered to be the best way to find a breast milk donor (as well as to find either a woman, who has no breast milk of her own, or a couple of parents, who would be in need of a donor’s beast milk). To do this, you should try to contact your local La leche League representative, or any other lactation consultant, available in the area you live. It is also possible to look for this kind of information on some specific websites, where there are online bulletin boards.

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