Possible Breast Feeding Problems

Certainly moms who feed children with breast milk can face with some problems. Check out possible problems arising while a woman breast feeds her baby.
Possible Breast Feeding Problems
Breast feeding may be painful for a mother. Some women, who decided to feed their babies with their own breast milk, may feel pain and soreness in the nipples during the first weeks. Moreover, woman’s nipples may even get cracked. A breast feeding mother may experience engorgement more than a bottle – feeding one, when her breasts become so much full with milk that they feel hard and painful at the same time. In some breast feeding women clogged milk ducts may even develop, which can become the reason of mastitis, a painful infection of the breast, which requires prompt medical care, unlike most other nursing problems, which can be solved with the help of some definite home remedies.

Another problem of breast feeding is that it influences the mother’s entire lifestyle. A baby, who feeds her baby with her own breast milk, is to wear clothes, which make her nursing easy and available anywhere, or such a woman will have to look for a private place to be able to undress and feed her little one. In addition, this woman will have to eat a balanced diet, and there may be some foods, which a breast feeding woman will have to avoid, as they might irritate her baby.

A woman, who wants to go back to work soon after delivery will have to plan carefully, if she is going to feed her baby with her breast milk. In case if the woman’s job lets her do it, a new mother can pump her breast milk several times a day and then either refrigerate or freeze it for the baby to take it in a bottle later on, or, it is also possible that a woman would alternate feeding her baby with her breast milk at night and on weekends and the baby will have bottles with formula during a daytime.

Anyway, a mother, who feeds her baby with her own breast milk, is physically tied to her little one much more than a bottle – feeding one. A baby constantly needs his nursing mother for nourishment and a woman needs to feed her baby regularly in order to avoid getting full breasts, which is an extremely uncomfortable feeling. However, most women consider this close relationship between them and their little babies to be one of the greatest joys of motherhood, instead of feeling that breast feeding is a chore.

And, finally, there are women, who just do not feel comfortable with the entire idea of breast feeding. They do not want to handle their breasts; they want to keep thinking of them as of something sexual, rather than functional. These women may get concerned about modesty and their being not able to nurse a baby in some public place. These women should feed their babies with formula right from their arrival, or they may either apply for a milk donor’s help. 

If a woman is not sure whether she is going to feed her baby with her own breast milk, she should try breast feeding for a few weeks and in case if she would not like doing it, she may switch to a formula feeding. However, it is necessary to point out, that it is extremely difficult for a baby, as well as for his or her mother to switch to breast feeding after the bottle – feeding has already begun, simply because it is much easier for a baby to suck from a bottle, rather form the mother’s breast, and in woman the amount of milk, produced begins to decrease, as it is not used up.

And in case if a woman is going to feed her baby with her own breast milk, she should get to know about it as much as possible yet before her baby arrives. This kind of information may be provided by pediatricians, obstetricians, nurses, child birth instructors, midwives and other experienced people. However, the best ongoing support for a breast feeding mother may be considered some person, who has nursed a baby wish success.