The Proper Technique for Breast Feeding

Study how to breast feed your baby in a proper way. Knowing the technique will make easier and more convenient the process of feeding for both a mom and her child.
The Proper Technique for Breast Feeding
breastfeeding_tecniqueIt is possible for any new breast feeding mother to learn techniques for optimal breast feeding her baby that can help a woman reduce the likelihood of any complication as well as the feeling of discomfort by talking to the other mothers, who feed their babies with their own breast milk as well as consulting with breast feeding support organizations. These techniques come below in brief.

As soon as the mother has taken a position, which is comfortable for her, she can nestle her little one in a cradle hold, which means that the baby will be cradled with his mother’s arm on the same side as the represented breast. The body of the baby is to be on its side, so that the little creature will not have to turn his or her head with the aim to reach the mother’s nipple.

1. at the beginning of the breast feeding process, a woman should express several drops of milk manually in order to moisten the nipple;

2. then a woman is to cup the breast with her hand and massage the baby’s lips with the milk – moistened nipple, encourage the little one to open the mouth;

3. as soon as the baby’s mouth is opened, the mother is to insert her nipple right into the center of her baby’s mouth while pulling the baby in very close. The correct sucking position is when the baby’s gums take in at least a one – inch radius of the areola around the nipple;

4. it is possible that a mother may have to make some adjustments for  her baby’s breathing by changing the baby’s position angle gently or pressing on the breast gently with her thumb with the aim to uncover the nose of a little one;

5. a mother should hold her breast throughout the breast feeding process so, that the weigh of her breast would not tire her newborn baby’s mouth;

6. As soon as the breast feeding comes to an end, new mother should break her baby’s suction process by inserting her finger into the corner of the little one mouth so, that a woman would be able to avoid trauma to her nipple by pulling it from the baby’s mouth.