Breast Milk Shipping

Discover one of the methods for shipping of breast milk. Get to know what you have to do to keep milk fresh and safe.
Breast Milk Shipping
There exist a lot of ways for shipping breast milk. One of them is described below. If this method is applied, it will be possible to use the milk, which is kept outside of a freezer for up to 22 hours.

You need to have:
• Quart size “zip locking” bags;
• A permanent marker;
• A couple of large coolers;
• A newspaper;
• An account from a national overnight shipping company.

What You Are To Do:
You should place every three – four frozen bags with your breast milk into an additional regular quart size “zip locking” bag. This additional bag is your bag for any case, if, for example one of the breast milk bags should get opened or torn.
Do not forget to label every bag with frozen breast milk with the date and time the milk inside was collected, as well as put the number of every bag in a clear way and on both sides of it. With the help of this number your breast milk’s recipient will be sure to use the oldest milk first.
If there is a lot of your breast milk collected in your freezer (like 150 oz. and more), you should call your overnight shipping company and arrange for them to come and pick up at their latest possible pick up time and as them to have the cooler shipped overnight or priority overnight (with Fed – Ex this will mean that the milk, which is picked up at 5 p.m. arrives at 8 a.m. or by 10 a.m. the following day).
About half an hour before your scheduled pick up time you should pack the bottom and sides of cooler with a layer of crumpled up newspaper in the tightest way.

Pack your breast milk in together in the very middle and put the bottles as close to each other as possible.
Every bit of extra space between the bottles should be packed with more crumpled up newspaper.
Close the cooler and tape it shut with the strong packing tape. Do not forget to sign your name over the seal of one of the tape sites, as this will make the recipient sure that the cooler has not been opened and that the integrity of its contests has not been compromised.
As soon as the milk arrives, it is to be placed in the freezer.

Breast milk should arrive either solid or at least being in a liquid condition with a center containing ice crystals. It is necessary to point out that as long as there are crystals of ice in the breast milk, it may be refrozen. However, in case if there is more than 175 oz. in a shipping container, which is packed with newspaper tightly, the breast milk is to arrive frozen solid.

However, before you are going to depend on this breast milk shipping method, you should try to test it out with the help of regular cow’s milk. Pack the cooler with the frozen cow’s milk and newspaper it as if you were shipping this milk. Close the cooler and leave it for a few hours past now long you consider it will take for the milk to get from your freezer to the freezer of the recipient. This test will help you to be sure that you are packing the milk in a correct way and it will also make you calm about any reservations you may have about this breast milk shipping method.