How to Store Breast Milk

There are basic rules of breast milk proper storage. Check them out to supply your baby with fresh milk. Find out how also to defrost breast milk.
How to Store Breast Milk

breast_milk_storingEvery new mother, who feeds her baby with her own breast milk, or who feeds the little one with the donor’s breast milk, should be aware of the basic rules of the breast milk proper storage, so, that an infant will always be given fresh milk. Any container, which is used to store breast milk, is to be clean and sterile. It is necessary to leave some amount of milk, about an inch of it on the top of the container, because frozen milk expands. After a woman has pumped her breast milk, she should better to label the container, in which the breast milk will be stored, so, that she will know the date and time of when it was pumped. It is necessary to use the oldest dated milk first. Taking colostrums, or the so – called “first milk”, which is expressed during the fires several days after delivery, it can be stored at room temperature for no longer than 12 hours. Mature milk, or the breast milk, which comes in about six day after the baby arrived, can be stored in the ways, which are described below.

Breast milk may be stored in bottles, which fit right onto the woman’s breast pump. After a woman has pumped, she can simply remove the pumping tubing, then cover the bottle with its lit, label the milk and put it into the fridge. Most breast pump carrying cases come with the special built – in, cooler – type compartments for storing ice pack and / or the freshly pumped bottles of milk, which is in case of correct application can stay cold enough to leave the pumped milk in up until a woman gets home, where she can put the milk into the refrigerator or freezer.

There were a lot of investigations conducted as for the advantages and disadvantages of storing breast milk in glass versus plastic bottles; though, glass bottles or containers are considered to be best for freezing breast milk, simply because they offer the most protection from getting contaminated. To the second choice clear, hard plastic is referred, and, finally, the last choice is the cloudy hard containers, made of plastic. Women should wait to tighten the caps or lids until the milk gets frozen completely.
If someone wants to freeze the breast milk in special storage bags, they are able to be purchased the size, which will fit directly onto the woman’s breast pump and that are made for freezing milk. These storage bags are pre – sterilized, thick, have a special area for labeling and they seal without any difficulty. After a woman has pumped her breast milk, she should simply remove the pumping tubing, fold the bad over in order to make sure that all air is out of the storage bad, and then seal it. The bag is to be labeled with the date before milk is frozen. When the milk is to be used, the storage bag is to be cut with sterile scissors. In case if the bag has a special built – in pouring spot, then it will be much easer to pour the milk into a bottle. There are also storage bags, which can be applied in the kind of bottle, which uses disposable liners, so, that milk may not be transferred.

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