Children Feeding

Here you can find the information about all the ways of baby feeding. Every way is described separately with its advantages and disadvantages. Read about the most preferable way of baby nourishing - by his mother's pectoral milk.
feedingNew parents are often uneasy about how to feed their baby. During the first year children grow extremely quickly like no other time in their life. Only appropriate and healthy feeding is able to fill their needs in energy. Breast milk or formula supplies all necessary vitamins and minerals for the first few months. But such intensive growth requires additional nutrition started at the proper time. Besides it is very important to start good eating habits at this early stage. This will help set healthy eating patterns for life.
Additional Food
Children elder than 4-5 months require additional nutritive materials except mother's milk. Learn when and what products add to the everyday ratio of your child.
Natural Feeding
Check out advantages of natural breast feeding, discover techniques of feeding, get some instructions and rules.