Children Sleep

Check out information about healthy sleep, learn when the child should go to the bed and how to change his or her sleep schedule. Investigate child sleep disorders and their treatment. Consider tips on better sleep of your child.
sleeping_babyWithout doubt sleep is important to children and adults. We rest, gain energy for a new day… Babies' sleep, especially in the early months, is typically full of interruptions, besides the sleep cycles are much shorter than an adult's. After some time those cycles will get longer and your baby will learn how to fall back to sleep on his own if he wakes up in the middle of the night. The very important task for parents is to teach their children sleep through the night. The baby will be healthy and the parents will stay quite.
Getting Your Toddler to Take a Nap
Find out some necessary tips that will help you to get your toddler to take a nap and to provide an atmosphere for sound and uninterrupted sleep of your child.
Questions and Answers
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about child's sleep.
Secretes of a Sound Sleep
Discover what factors influence your child sleep, get to know how you can help to fall asleep easier, think over whether it is worth to take your baby into your bed.
The Sleeping Map
Worry that you baby doesn't sleep at nights? Check out why children mix day and night, and how many hours your child should sleep.