Questions and Answers

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about child's sleep.
Questions and Answers
1. What is the best position for a baby to sleep in: on his back, on his belly or on his side?
The Positions your Baby Should Sleep in.
In order that your little one would grow and develop correctly, you should contribute to it as much as you can. It is not allowed to sleep in one position for a long time. This can make a negative impact on his muscles’ development. If you baby is only several weeks old, he should better be put on his back or side, and you are to change your child’s position every two-three hours: first put him on his left side, then on his right. If you little one sleeps on his back, put a rolled up blank as a support under his head. It will be comfortable to sleep on the belly for those babies, who suffer from colic after they were fed. Their head is to be turned to the side so, that nothing wild prevent him from breathing. If you have any doubts as for your baby’s comfort in the position on his belly, you may ask your doctor’s advice.

2. Should a baby be protected from any noise while sleeping?
You should not make a special quietness during your baby’s sleep in a daytime, as children must get used to the outside noises. But it is necessary to avoid any noises, when you put your little one to sleep in the evening, you should not talk about, for example.

3. Sometimes, when a baby is asleep, his breathing can hardly be heard, or it may be fast and interrupted.
There is no reason to get worried about it. It is normal for your baby to breath fast and interruptedly. As you know, newborns do not sleep for a long time and they puff loudly and breath unevenly. When the period of a deep sleep comes, his breath becomes quiet and unnoticeable. When your little one will become older, he will sleep “in an adult way”, his sleep will become less active, and the period of a “quiet” and calm sleep will become longer. 

4. How to make fretful children fall asleep?
If you can not soothe your baby and put him into his bed for a sleep, you should try to draw his attention by something. Low quiet sounds can calm your little one down. You should use a hair-dryer, player or even a clock.