Secretes of a Sound Sleep

Discover what factors influence your child sleep, get to know how you can help to fall asleep easier, think over whether it is worth to take your baby into your bed.
Secretes of a Sound Sleep

3. Let us Go to Bed
No matter how strange it can be, but it is better to put your little child into his bed before he falls asleep, and this way he will sleep better. When a baby awakens during his sleep, he opens his little eyes and binds himself in his well-known surrounding. It helps him to fall asleep again better.
When your baby can not fall asleep, you often want to take him and rock him to sleep gently, but this wish has never proved its value. There is no doubt that you should act in a way your heart prompts you to do, but remember: the sooner your little one learns to fall asleep by himself – the easier it will be both for him and for you as well. Kiss your little treasure, him sweet dreams and good night and after that stay at his bed for a short while. After several minutes make one step away, then one more step, etc. You should leave the room little by little. Your baby will fall asleep peacefully with the feeling of you being with him.

4.  A Magic Fairy-Tale
Your little baby will fall asleep with great pleasure, if you tell him a fairy-tale or sing a lullaby. He needs to hear his mom’s gentle voice, which refers right to him and calms him down by praising words and mellow timbre. Our grandmother used to know this secret, but today the importance of fairy-tales for infants-in-arms has been proved by science.      

Is it Good to Take Your Baby into Your Bed?
There can be situations, when your baby extremely needs his mother’s warmth. Let him sleep with you during night feedings, as there is nothing as wholesome for a baby as his mother’s tenderness and love.
     1. You should not take your baby into your bed if you are ill, take any soporific or smoke. There must be no smoking in the house, where baby appeared at all.
     2. Sleep together with your little baby calls for an extreme care. Most of our beds consist of downy pillows and heavy blankets. They suit you perfectly, but they are not for a baby during the first year of his life.
      3. You may never put a baby on the pillow.
      4.  Take care of your baby in order that he might not bury his little nose into your pillow.
      5. Do not put your baby between you and your husband. You should better put him from your side.
      6. Preserve your little child from any balling.

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