Secretes of a Sound Sleep

Discover what factors influence your child sleep, get to know how you can help to fall asleep easier, think over whether it is worth to take your baby into your bed.
Secretes of a Sound Sleep

A sound sleep is extremely important for your baby. It is during the sleep time his body produces the growth hormones. And yet, a sound sleep lets the baby master new expressions, your little one received during a day, bull of different events. You know, a baby expends much physical and mental energy to comprehend everything he sees, hears and does when he is awake. Everything is new for him, but it is extremely exhausting as well. In order to renew this energy in this new world, your baby needs to sleep. He needs a lot of sleep.

During first six weeks of his life your baby sleeps most of the day (about 20 hours a day). And no sound seem to wake him up. But you should not abuse his sound sleep: a little child needs quiet and calm surrounding for his sleep.

Beginning from the sixth week of his life your baby becomes more susceptible to the surrounding and now he sleeps more sensitively. And at the age of three months your little one may even get indignant at any intrusion into his sleep. So, you should try to avoid producing any harsh sound while your child is asleep.

Your baby’s sleep will be comfortable and safe, if:
- he is dry and warm;
- he is protected from direct sunrays;
- he sleeps on his back;
- it is quiet in his room;
- there is fresh air in his room; and the temperature is 18-20oC.

For Your Baby’s Sound Sleep
How can you help your little one to fall asleep easier? Here comes a piece of advice.

1. Last Feeding
It is better for a baby to eat before falling asleep so, that there would be no necessity to get up and being fed during the night time. Some investigations have revealed that babies sleep better after he was fed from his mother’s breast. And feeding from the bottle is not so effective.

2. Let us play Before Going to Bed
Let your little baby play during 10-15 minutes without his nappy after he was fed while you are preparing a bed for him. This procedure will help him feel that the day is getting to its end. During this time your baby should constantly stay not far from his bed, and he will quickly understand that it is his place for rest and sleep. Make sure that everything you may need is in the room and then leave a soft light. 

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