Twins and Multiples

Check our basic principles of twins and multiples care. Get to know the difference between twins and single-born. Discover secrets of bringing up twins.

tripletsNews about birth of twins often gives the parents a slight shock. What to do? How to make easier the pregnancy? What to buy and how many? What baby carriage to choose? How babies are developing, what are peculiar problems of twins and how to solve them?  How to bring up two so alike and different babies? Maybe you have a girl and a boy at the same time? What are the peculiarities of upbringing and development of twins? How to bring up two complete and independent personalities?

There are a lot of questions, problems and we'll try to give answers.

Aggression Between Multiples
If your children fight most of the time think what you can do with it. Consider setting rules which can stop aggression.
Encouraging Individuality in Twins
Your multiples can have identical appearance but still they are different personalities. Help your children discover their personalities and stay yourself.
Halloween Costumes for Twins
Here you will find few simple advices what costumes choose for your twins on the Halloween party. Check out some simple tips for keeping the peace between twins.
How to Shop for Your Multiples
Don't know what to choose: similar or different toys for your twins? Check out some shopping tips for keeping the peace between multiples.
Identical or Fraternal Twins
Get to know what the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins is. Investigate and get to know the difference between identical and fraternal twins.
Limit Setting with Twins
To protect your toddlers you must set limits as soon as they begin to walk. Get safety tips and learn to be authoritative. But study to have fun with your multiples too.
Logical Names for Twins
Here comes the list of names, which are logical for your twins from the point of view of linguistics. These names are not the one, which sound alike (for example, like Ann and Andy), but they are connected through some other properties.
Names for Twins / Multiples
Get to know what you should consider while choosing the names for your multiples. Learn some useful tips for naming twins.
Physical Development of Twins
Find out how the twins differ from single-born babies in weight and height. Get to know what the norm of such gap is and when it disappears.
Potty Training Twins
Donít know what to choose individually or separately training for your twins! Here you can find some advantages and disadvantages of these training. Read these simple tips and choose which is better for your babies.
Staying Sane Under Twin Stress
Parents of multiples undergo severe stress especially soon after delivery. It includes physical exhaustion, emotional issues and financial problems. Learn what you should do to cope with these problems.
Survival Strategies for New Parents
Investigate some strategies called to help new parents of multiples. Study to deal with your twins and keep order and happiness in your home.
Taming Temper Tantrums
Check out discipline tips how to teach your multiples to control their temper tantrums.
The First Year of Twins: How to Stand
Discover secrets how to go through the first year with your twins and make it as happy as possible.
Toddler Twins: Double the Trouble?
Congratulations, your twins made their first steps. Does it mean more troubles? Or on the contrary it will make your life easier? Get to know how to benefit from this new one ability of your babies.
Tricks on Putting Your Twins to Sleep
You have a great opportunity to study the list of tips which can help you to put your twins to sleep. Here youíll help helpful tricks for you.
Twins Statistics
Check out your chance to conceive twins or other multiples. According to the statistical data the twins' birth rate increases constantly.