The First Year of Twins: How to Stand

Discover secrets how to go through the first year with your twins and make it as happy as possible.
The First Year of Twins: How to Stand

Even strange people share advice with you when get to know you are pregnant with twins. Mainly these advice concerns what a long and difficult way lies ahead of you. This is one of the most unpleasant moments in your situation. It is impossible to day that all these people are absolutely mistaken.  It will be pretty heavy going. But they don't know what amazing and wonderful feelings you'll experience.
However there are ways to improve your matters during the first year after the twins birth.

baby_twinsSecret 1. As soon as possible begin to encourage yourself to be accurate and self-disciplined. If you're already stay like that. If not you'll become such sort of persons very soon. An order in matters, strengthening of rules and formulation of the goals will help your family to arrange the life and make it more successful.

Secret 2. Don't refuse the help. Many people like to feel independent. Besides a lot of women refuse because of politeness thinking that the person offered the help is busy with his own affairs. There is only recommendation for all these cases: accept the help. Any offers are acceptable: to go shopping for you, to clean the flat, or to wash. Don't worry, you'll have time to repay your assistant with kindness.

Secret 3. Reconsider your expectations. It is very important to go through the first year without problems. Give up hope to keep excellent cleanness and order in the house. Take up your children. You'll have much better time reading poems for your children than mopping a floor.

Secret 4. Spend some time alone with your husband each week. Try to find a nurse for your children or walk in the evening when children are sleeping already. Talk about something else than children fights or caprices.  Remember your first dates, dream about holidays, think where to go next weekend.

Secret 5. Keep humor and smile. Studies have shown that substances promoting good humor are produced in brain when you're smiling. The laugh is pleasant and cheap medicine for depression.

Secret 6. Be optimistic. Your aims and attitude determine your life and vice versa. Remember cheerful persons fall ill more seldom. If your twins have given a few unpleasant minutes think that there are women who take care about five or even six multiples at this time…

Secret 7. Find time for yourself regularly. A lot of mothers begin to feel their life is enclosed in four walls. It seems to them they loose themselves. It is very important to have time for yourself every day just to lie on a sofa or read a book for a few minutes. Plan the meeting with friends for the evening or weekend and try the children will be in another place. You can't take care about your family while not care about yourself.

Secret 8. Let yourself to make "mistakes". Pin up a notice on the wall and write there "Today I'll do my twinsbest to be a good mother for my children with all my wisdom, knowledge and power I have at this moment." You're trying to cope with your work as well as possible. This is the only thing you can demand from yourself and what children expect from you too.

Secret 9. Disregard advice from people you don't take care. Relatives, friends people in the shop give you advice on bringing up your children. Everyone gives his view on your decisions. Think over whose opinion is really important for you. When you need an advice ask those people who really wish you well. In another case just smile and go.