Halloween Costumes for Twins

Here you will find few simple advices what costumes choose for your twins on the Halloween party. Check out some simple tips for keeping the peace between twins.
Halloween Costumes for Twins

twins_costumes1When you have twins, it can be very cute to dress them up the same during Halloween. As the children get older, they may not appreciate wearing Halloween costumes for twins anymore. But now when they are small you have such opportunity. You can either dress them identically or choose a theme based on character from their favorite books or television programs or cartoons.

Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes for twins.


Dressing them in identical animal costumes can be really good. Or you can choose one of the themes such as for example: ‘small cats’ or ‘wild animals’ or ‘barnyard animals’. If they enjoy cats you can dress them in a little different costume, for example: one as a lion, another as a tiger or panther.

Halloween Traditional Costumes

Also you can choose the traditional Halloween costumes for your twins such as witches or ghosts. They will look very cute in identical witches’ costumes, or one of them can be wear as witch and another as ghosts.

Character Costumes

twins_costumes_01If your baby have their favorite movie, book or cartoon, their characters are perfect choices for Halloween costumes for your twins. You can either dress them up identically or find a theme to work with and choose costumes that all fit the theme.

Fun Costumes

Another good idea of Halloween costumes for your twins it is to wear them as clowns, or as pumpkins, or even rock stars, or some fiction character. It is depend of what your children like more. 
Even if the children are young they could picture their certain character personalities that will help you to decide and create the special costumes for them. Even if your children are old enough you may want to help them to create their Halloween costumes.