Limit Setting with Twins

To protect your toddlers you must set limits as soon as they begin to walk. Get safety tips and learn to be authoritative. But study to have fun with your multiples too.
Limit Setting with Twins

Setting limits with your multiples, you fulfill the endless and extremely difficult and necessary task of protecting them from any possible danger. Doing it, you also keep your babies’ behaviour within the possible bound of modern civilization, in order to feel and to be safe in the world around them.

 Of course, it is extremely necessary to provide physical safety for your children, and it is not the most difficult task to fulfill. Parents can put up safety gates, lock and put away all dangerous chemicals, medicines, hold their children’s hands, while being outside of their house. However, there is another issue of safety, which is much more difficult to perceive, unlike the physical one. It is the protection of your children from the emotional point of view. It is not a secret, that little children, especially when they come to their toddler years, usually experience all their emotions extremely intensely. Their feeling of joy has no bounds, and their rage becomes fearsome. Moreover, it is possible that their intensity and explosiveness of their feelings makes them frightened. In addition, these are us, their parents of other adult people, who would be able to set limits regarding how to express their emotions, and how to keep them from hurting others (their brothers or sisters are the most probable candidates). Besides, little children may even hurt themselves, in case if they become overwhelmed by the feeling of anger or frustration.

 It is obvious, that one of the most important roles of each parent is to make the world as safe from the emotional and physical points of view, as possible for children. Every child derives his or her initial sense of security from the adults, who surround him or her. When parents and other adult relatives make the world around children safe in a nurturing or protecting way, kids will be able to build their own sense of security and confidence.

Here come some Toddler Safety Tips
Making your home childproof for your multiples, while their infant age seemed to be much more easier to accomplish, as even several babies, which crawl are not quite as mobile as walking, running and climbing everywhere toddlers. Moreover, if there are more than one of them. Since the very moment, when your babies stood on their feet and made their first steps, you risk to find them on the couch, bed, on the kitchen table, on the window – sill, whatever, if you only let yourself turn around for a moment. You are to realize, that the more climbing children you have, the more risk they run to get hurt, since they might knock or even push one another off whatever they have climbed on.

Besides, toddlers are usually extremely resourceful, they may start to use all kinds of “tools”, which will help them to get what they want or where they wish to go. For instance, if you notice, one of your multiples not being able to reach something, you should better not be surprised to find him or her using a box or some toy to climb on to further his or her reach.

There are bunches of things, which can make keeping your twins, triplets, or other higher order multiples safe much more complicated. Except applying basic childproofing tips, like putting latches on cabinets, gates on stairs, childproof covers on doorknobs, etc., you will have to consider protecting your multiple toddlers from the so – called “hidden dangers”, existing in most homes. To the “hidden dangers” items, it is possible to refer things like installing wall anchors on large appliances and heavy pieces of furniture in order that they will not tip over, a stove guard or shield, a toilet lid lock, appliance locks for your dishwasher machine and refrigerator.

In addition, the most important safety tip is not to leave your multiples without being supervised, even for a short period of time. It is you, who may consider the room being childproofed completely, however it is almost impossible to ‘toddler’ proof your house.

Parents should understand limit setting as in integral part of the separation – individuation process, the very process, where each of the twins, triplets, quadruplets, or other higher order multiples becomes an individual person and gains his or her independence from others. As soon as your baby becomes mobile, and when he is able to move around, setting limits in order to prevent physical danger are simply necessary to establish. Limits on some definite behaviour are necessary to be set as soon as your babies begin to evolve as independent personalities.

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