Tips for Naming Twins

Get to know what you should consider while choosing the names for your multiples. Learn some useful tips for naming twins.
Tips for Naming Twins

For nearly every parent it is quite difficult to choose the right name for one baby, and when it comes about giving names to multiples, the amount of names, parents need, multiples with each baby. However, it is not the reason to get upset at all. Remember, there is always some way out of nearly every situation. Moreover, there are hints, you may use, during the process of naming your multiples.

Birth Order

The order, in which your multiples arrived is called their birth order. You may label your children with a letter, depending on what their birth order is. Thus, baby A was the first to arrive, baby B – was the second, if there is baby C – this child or yours arrived after the second one, etc.
There are parents, who let their babies’ birth order help them in naming their children. Then baby A becomes Alexander, baby B becomes Benjamin, etc.

Zygosity is considered to be a way of telling if your twins or other higher order multiples are identical ore fraternal. If they look alike and they are completely identical, it means, that these babies are monozygotic. If the twins or other multiples look differently from each other, they are considered to be fraternal, and it means, they are dizygotic. If this fact will influence your decision to name your babies, then you may possibly give your identical babies more similar names, than your fraternal ones.

It is possible that your babies’ gender will influence the way you are going to name them.
Would you like your two or there daughters or sons have names, which sound alike, without taking their zigosity into consideration? Or maybe you would only give them names, which sound identical only in case, if they are monozygotic? Your having girl and girl twins, girl and boy twins or boy and boy twins or other multiples may also influence your decision of naming your children.

Matching Names
 Neither your babies’ birth order, nor their zigosity, or gender can matter to you, while giving them their names. Perhaps you are simply eager to give your twins cute matching names. But be careful, as naming your children with matching names, you run the risk of getting them confused, even in case of a mere mishearing. Like either of your children may not clearly understand some day whether you called Amy or Any. There is also the great risk that everyone else will be confused.

Top Questions to Ask Yourself about Naming Your Multiples:
•  Would you like your babies’ names emphasize that they are a pair?
•  In case if yes, is that what you wish them?
•  Would it be good for your children, if their names will be easily confused with each other? (Like Dan and Ben).
•  Do your babies’ names have the same initials?
•  Do your children have easy alternatives for nicknames?

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